7 April 1843 (2) (Friday Afternoon). In Temple

[1] 4/45 Joseph said to complete the subject of Bro Pratts. I thought it a glorious subject with one additional idea addition their is no fundamental principle belonging to a human System that "ever goes into another in this world or the world to come." the principle of Mr Pratt was correct. I care not what the theories of men are.—we have the testimony that God will raise us up & he has power to do it. If any one supposes that any part of our bodies, that is the fundamental parts thereof, ever goes into another body he is mistaken [2]—5 Choir sung. & notice that Bro Joseph will preach tomorrow morning at 10—

Franklin D. Richards "Scriptural Items"

During Conference Orson Pratt gave a Lecture upon the Second advent of Christ in connexion with the resurrection & to refute the argument of the transition of matter He said that Only about 3/4 of the matter contained in one creature could be converted to the use of another Joseph said No fundamental principle of one creature can be changed to another Creature.

—7 April 1843 (2)


[1] See History of the Church, 5:339. Not in Teachings. The original source for the History of the Church entry is the Joseph Smith Diary. Franklin D. Richards's report is here published for the first time. The following remarks were made at the April 1843 General Conference of the Church.

[2] On 8 October 1875 Brigham Young gave a discourse on the resurrection that taught the same point as the Prophet is here teaching. No doubt Brigham Young based his discourse on this teaching of the Prophet. See Ben E. Rich, Scrapbook of Mormon Literature 2 vols. (Chicago: Henry C. Etten & Co., Press, n.d.) 2:40-51. Brigham Young and others often alluded to this concept of the resurrection. See for example Journal of Discourses 13:76.