29 September 1839 (Sunday). Old Homestead

Joseph Smith Diary, by James Mulholland[1]

Meeting at own house (After others had spoken I spoke and explained concerning uselessness of preaching to the world about great judgements but rather to preach the simple gospel—Explained concerning the coming of the Son of Man &c that all will be raised to meet him, but the righteous will remain with him in the cloud whilst all the proud and all that do wickedly will have to return to the earth and suffer his vengeance which he will take upon them this is the second death &c &c [2]

Also it is a false idea that the saints will escape all the judgements whilst the wicked suffer—for all flesh is subject to suffer—and "the righteous shall hardly escape" [3] still many of the Saints will escape—for the just shall live by faith [4]—Yet many of the righteous shall fall a prey to disease to pestilence &c by reason of the weakness of the flesh and yet be saved in the Kingdom of God So that it is an unhallowed principle to say that such and such have transgressed because they have been preyed upon by disease or death for all flesh is subject to death and the Saviour has said—"Judge not" lest ye be judged." [5]

—29 September 1839


[1] See History of the Church, 4:11 and Teachings, pp. 162-63. The "Old Homestead" was the Prophet's first residence at Nauvoo. Located on Water Street, block 155, it was also known as the "Old Log House."

[2] D&C 88:95-104. See also discourse dated "Before 8 August 1839 (1)," note 21.

[3] D&C 63:34.

[4] Habakkuk 2:4; Romans 1:17; Galatians 1:11.

[5] Matthew 7:1.