27 August 184​2 (Saturday Evening). Old Homestead

Eliza R. Snow Diary [1] [2]

Pres. S. was at home and met in the large drawing room with a respectable number of those considered trustworthy—counsel'd them to go out forthwith to proclaim the principles of truth.

—27 August 1842


[1] Not in History of the Church or Teachings. The following report, misdated in the diary 28 August 1842, was first published by Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, "Eliza R. Snow's Nauvoo Journal," Brigham Young University Studies 15 (Summer 1975): 398.

[2] Eliza Roxcy Snow (1804-87) was baptized in 1835. Universally recognized as "Zion's Poetess," she was sealed to the Prophet 29 June 1842. The Eliza R. Snow Journal is located at Church Archives.