25 September 1842 (Sunday). Grove

Manuscript History of the Church[1]

At the Grove. Spoke more than two hours, chiefly on the subject of my persecution.

William Mendenhall Diary [2]

Joseph Smith the Prophet preached again from the Stand on the 19 Chapter of 1st Kings. [3]

Wilford Woodruff Diary

Br Joseph appeared upon the stand & addressed the Saints much to their edification though quite unexpectedly to them. [4]

—25 September 1842


[1] See History of the Church, 5:165. Not in Teachings. The original source for the entry in History of the Church is most probably the "Book of the Law of the Lord." The William Mendenhall and Wilford Woodruff accounts are here published for the first time. Mendenhall's diary is located in the Church Archives.

[2] William Mendenhall (1815-1905) was a native of New Castle County, Delaware. Baptized in December 1841, Mendenhall was ordained a seventy in Nauvoo. He died in Springville, Utah.

[3] This is the account of Elijah in hiding when Jezebel sought his life.

[4] See 29 August 1842, note 3.