24 June 1843 (Saturday). Dixon, Lee County, Illinois

[1] I addressed the assembly for an hour and a half on the subject of marriage; my visitors having requested me to give them my views of the law of God respecting marriage. [2]

—24 June 1843


[1] Not in Teachings. This sermon on marriage, only briefly mentioned in the text, was delivered to a non-Mormon audience in Dixon. Joseph Smith was at the time in the custody of two law-enforcement officers, one from Illinois and one from Missouri because a third demand from Missouri Governor Thomas Reynolds for the arrest and delivery of the Prophet had been authorized by Thomas Ford, governor of Illinois. See 30 June 1843, note 1.

[2] A reminiscent account of this discourse is found in Truman Leonard's Journal: "This day had a long talk with Justin Merril, Phileman's Brother about Josephs arrest at Dixon in Illinois David Town was the man who said by G-d Mr. Smith shall speak on the text we have given him (namely C[elestial] Marriage) you sit down or we will try you by a Court there will be no appeal from" (Truman Leonard Journal, 24 May 1886 [typescript], BYU Special Collections).