18 June 1844 (Tuesday Afternoon). Frame Building, Near Mansion House

[1] After Phelps got through Genl. J. Smith addressed the multitude. He briefly explained the object of the mob and showed that they waged a war of extermination upon us because of our religion. He called upon all the volunteers who felt to support the constitution from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean to come with their arms, ammunition & defend the constitution. He called upon them as the Lieutenant General of the N. L and Illinois Militia in the name of the Constitution of the U.S. the people of the State of Ill. and the citizens of Nauvoo. He called upon the Citizens to defend the lives of their wives & children, fathers and mothers, brothers & sisters from being murdered by the mob. He urged them in strong terms not to shed innocent blood.—not to act in the least on the offensive but invariably in the defensive and if we die—die like men of God and secure a glorious resurrection. He concluded by invoking the Great God to bless the people.—

…In the above address he advised all to arm themselves those who had no rifles, get swords, scythe and make weapons of some kind He informed them that he had 5000 Elders minute men who would come with volunteers as soon as he would inform them. He said there were many from Iowa waiting to come when requested.

McIntire Minute Book

Joseph Smith to the Nauvoo Legion his Last address in which he called for all philanthropic men from Main to the Rocky Mountains & from the East & the west & from the North & the south to the help of this people also he cursed the Mob.—with thunder & lightning & the sword plague Earthquakes & pestilence & devouring fire.


[1] See History of the Church, 6:498-500. Not in Teachings. The account of this discourse in History of the Church is a reminiscent report based on the recollections of several men who were present and heard the address. The reports by William Clayton and William P. McIntire are here published for the first time.