13 September 1843 (Wednesday)

[1] 2 oclock & 10 minutes Joseph introduced Mr. John Finch [2] of Liverpool England to give an address on his views of the social system. agreeable to Mr. Owens [3] System 1 evils society is suffering. 2 causes which produce them. 3 best means of removing them. Spoke on the first two points Joseph spoke and Finch replied &c all pleasantly.—

—13 September 1843


[1] See History of the Church, 6:32. Not in Teachings. The original source for the entry in the History of the Church appears to be the Joseph Smith Diary, by Willard Richards.

[2] John Finch from Liverpool, England.

[3] Robert Owen was a British utopian socialist who believed in economic as well as political equality, and who considered competition debasing. He decided to establish an ideal society in America at New Harmony, Indiana.