12 January 1841 (Tuesday). Amos Davis Home.

McIntire Minute Book[1]

Tuesday the 12th at Mr. Davises [2]—1st Subject Education By Mr —— he said a people whose minds were Culavated & Maners Refined By Education—that they had Great & precious Ejoyments that Ignorant had Not 2d Subject was vice By Mr stout [3] he said Murder theft & the Like came from indulgances in this principle—Joseph—said that some things were Eavils that did not come under the Head of vise; for instance one Nation would come against an other it would be an Eavil on the Nation was come aganst yet it would not be a vice for them to Repell [4] ———Virtue was 3d subject 4th subject the Gospel By Mr Badlum [5] he lectors on it till he Comes the Laying on the hands for the Holy Ghost—then Joseph—takes it up & ads the Resurection & Eternal Judgment [6] in the Eternal Judgment there is many things to know & to under stand in Gods Judging for instance Peter said David had not yet ascend to heaven & that he was a Murderer & that His soul was in Hell is plainly told By Peter in Acts 2d ch. [7] Petter shews plainer it in the 3d of acts that a murderer could Not be Redmed intill he would send Jesus Christ which before was preached unto you &.c [8]—that is that faith Repentance & Baptizm would not save them untill the[y were] scourged in hell or paid the Last farthing. [9]

—12 January 1841


[1] This report of the Prophet's remarks at the Nauvoo Lyceum is here published for the first time.

[2] Amos Davis (1813-72). A prominent merchant and land owner in Nauvoo, Davis was baptized in 1840, but he did not migrate west with the Saints. He lived in Commerce, block 14, lot 3.

[3] Undoubtedly Hosea Stout (1810-89). He was baptized in 1838, and in January 1844 he was appointed chief of police in Nauvoo.

[4] Alma 48:10-25; D&C 98:13-48.

[5] Alexander Badlam (1808-94), an early convert to Mormonism, was a commissioned officer of the Illinois State Militia. He assisted in the election of the general officers of the Nauvoo Legion in 1841.

[6] See 27 June 1839, note 5.

[7] Acts 2:34.

[8] Acts 3:19-21.

[9] Matthew 5:26.