“My Gospel Study”—a Remarkable Resource from the RSC

Robert C. Freeman, Associate Dean of Religious Education

Andy Hedges

The year 2019 marks a time of new beginnings for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members worldwide. The exciting announcement by President Russell M. Nelson in October 2018 general conference of a reduced block meeting schedule and increased emphasis on home-centered, Church-supported curriculum introduces an amazing new era of gospel scholarship and learning. In his announcement, President Nelson reminded us, “We are each responsible for our individual spiritual growth.” He went on to assert, “Parents have the primary responsibility to teach the doctrine to their children.”[1]

Against this backdrop, the Religious Studies Center at BYU is offering a popular resource called “My Gospel Study” that brings together in one place over 4,000 articles on a wide variety of topics. This tool offers remarkable content written by scholars, educators, Church leaders, and historians during the more than forty years the RSC has been in existence. Nearly all of this content is unavailable on LDS.org or other resources. It can all be found at rsc.byu.edu/my-gospel-study and is ready and waiting to bless our lives. It is searchable and has, as one of its features, supplemental readings organized around the current year’s Church curriculum (rsc.byu.edu/sunday-school). It promises to enlighten and enhance this year’s study of the New Testament and other volumes of scripture. Whether for use in our personal study, preparing gospel lessons, or perhaps preparing a talk, this expansive library is available to everyone.

Certainly, we will be greatly aided in strengthening ourselves, our families, and others as we make use of this tremendous resource. Thanks to all those who have worked on this project. May we all seize this great day of learning and spiritual enlightenment!

Robert C. Freeman

Associate Dean, Religious Education


[1] Russell M. Nelson, “Opening Remarks,” Ensign, November 2018, 8.