Spotlight: The Religious Educator

A Hidden Treasure

Brad Wilcox

For years I have loved getting my copies of the Religious Educator. I have found the articles insightful and helpful. Because they are written to an audience of experienced members, authors go beyond the basic concepts and doctrines that are the focus of other publications. Because articles are written to an audience of devoted members who are charged with teaching others, authors avoid the negative and fringe ideas that fill some publications. For me, the Religious Educator has proven to be a deep and faith-promoting resource in my personal study and teaching.

I quote from the publication often in my writing—religious and otherwise. In fact, a colleague and I just finished a textbook for teachers of literacy in which we shared and cited excellent ideas for classroom teachers that came right out of the Religious Educator.

I have given copies of the journal to friends, including subscriptions to some Latter-day Saint people who are serving prison sentences. Rules do not allow me to send books and magazines directly to inmates, but I can have such materials sent directly from the publishers. I have received many letters of gratitude from inmates who are hungry for Latter-day Saint reading material. The copies of the Religious Educator that they have received are read, reread, and passed from person to person until they are tattered and worn. When was the last time you saw a gift so sincerely appreciated?

Because I value this publication, I am amazed when others have never heard of it, even friends and colleagues right at BYU. In a recent faculty meeting in the School of Education, I presented my fellow faculty member with a copy and explained how inexpensive and helpful the Religious Educator can be. Some left their copies on the tables without even opening them. Others took them to their offices and left them unopened there. However, I knew one colleague actually read the volume, because he approached me and said, ‘Thanks for turning me on to the Religious Educator. I love it. I feel like I have found a hidden treasure.’ He has. It’s the same one I found several years ago. And it is the one that needs to be discovered by many, many others.