Editor's Note

The world’s morals are spiraling downward, but parents and teachers can help youth to find safety by strengthening their faith in Jesus Christ. In “The One Pure Defense,” President Boyd K. Packer, Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, emphasizes the importance of the home as our main defense against evil. “This shield of faith is handmade in a cottage industry,” he writes. “It can be polished in the classroom, but it is fabricated and fitted in the home, handcrafted to each individual.”

The Prophet Joseph Smith considered his new translation of the Bible to be a major part of his prophetic calling. In this issue, we devote four articles to the Joseph Smith Translation, including an interview about an upcoming book on the original manuscripts. Two articles look at the significant, groundbreaking work of BYU professor Robert J. Matthews. And a fourth article shows some Joseph Smith Translation changes that are not in our current edition of the Bible.

Is a Church Educational System mission right for you? Ed and Bunkie Griffith had long planned on serving a mission together, and their decision to submit their papers launched them into an unforgettable adventure. Describing their mission as the best two years of their lives, they share stories from their wonderful and challenging experience in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Driving through the darkness without lights would frighten the most experienced driver. In “Endowed with Power,” Steven C. Harper describes his great relief when his parents drove up and led him home with “borrowed light.” He uses this metaphor for the light that the temple offers us as it teaches us about the plan of salvation and the way back to our Father in Heaven.

Rather than seeing the Fall as a disaster, Latter-day Saints see it as an immense step forward in humanity’s eternal progression. Such teachings set our Church apart from other Christian religions, as Roger R. Keller clearly demonstrates in this insightful article that compares our beliefs on the Fall and the Atonement with those of other churches.

We hope readers will enjoy the strong historical and doctrinal pieces in this issue.

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Editor-in-Chief

Ted D. Stoddard, Associate Editor

R. Devan Jensen, Executive Editor