Editor's Note

Last year the Religious Educator dedicated one issue to printing presentations from the Annual Church Educational System Religious Educators Conference. Unfortunately, CES conferences have now been canceled for the foreseeable future. The good news is that our current issue features several articles on the Old Testament that were prepared for the conference as well as a mix of other articles on various themes.

In “Cafeterias or Chef Schools? Getting Students into the Scriptures,” author Timothy L. Carver compares teachers to good mothers. Both groups want to provide “hot meals” that are appealing and nutritious. Even though this is a good goal, teachers sometimes focus their energy too much on the “meal itself” instead of preparing students to feast upon the words of Christ. With helpful hints and scripture study suggestions, this article offers good food for thought.

“God teaches by symbols; it is his favorite method of teaching.” This intriguing quote from a wall inside the Salt Lake Temple ignited the curiosity of author Michael N. Allred. Highlighting memorable examples from the scriptures, and particularly from the Old Testament, Brother Allred urges instructors to follow the Master Teacher’s example in pointing out symbols in the scriptures.

Tired of getting lost in the vast expanse of the Worldwide Web? John P. Livingstone takes the reader by the hand in a “virtual” tour of the scriptural resources available on your own computer. “Tips for Using the Scriptures on Computer” familiarizes readers with helpful resources like CD-ROM and Internet versions of the standard works, making scripture study seem effortless for research, teaching assignments, or even personal scripture study.

How, after suffering injustice, can we live the Golden Rule? Why, though frustrated and hurt, must we forgive and “love one another”? W. Jeffrey Marsh explores the difficult answers to these questions in a unique case study, “Dealing with Personal Injustices: Lessons from the Prophet Joseph Smith.” In this inspiring account that cites numerous incidents from the life of the Prophet, Brother Marsh leaves a lasting impression of Joseph’s Christlike character.

Many other fine articles will help you feast upon the words of the scriptures.

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, Editor-in-Chief

Ted D. Stoddard, Associate Editor

R. Devan Jensen, Executive Editor