Justin Collings

Justin Collings, "Winepress," Religious Educator 24, no. 2 (2023): 72–75.

Justin Collings ( is a law professor who currently serves as Brigham Young University’s academic vice president.

painting of christ"None other has had so profound an influence upon all who have lived and will yet live upon the earth."—"The living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles." Cobeza de Jesús, by Enrique Simonet.

Keywords: Atonement of Jesus Christ, Crucifixion, Resurrection

Night is falling
Comes the hour
Cold fate calling
Dark with power

None to comfort
None to strengthen
Faint friends slumber
Shadows lengthen

Winepress trod in
Wrath and fierceness
Robes blood-sodden
None to witness

Mobs combining
Torches, cudgels
Traitors signing
Evil vigils

Mocking trial
Perjured statements
Rancor, bile
No abatement

On to Herod
On to Pilate
Scourged and spat on
Draped in violet

Pilate’s verdict:
No fault in him!
Mob’s shrill edict:
Crucify him!

Onward, uphill
Self not sparing
Toward the green hill
Own cross bearing

Riled beholders’
Words assail him
Roman soldiers
Drive sharp nails in

Water, water!

Gall they give him;

Father, Father—

Please forgive them!

All earth trembles

Heaven darkens

Hell assembles

All her gorgons

Father, Father

Thou forsak’st me?

Eli, lama


All is darkness

Heaven shielding

Barren starkness

Thick, unyielding

Yet his love is


Father, Father

It is finished!


Now he opens wide

The prison

Jesus like the tide

Is risen

Sound the trumpets

Bold, defiant

Hail his coming

Day of triumph

Praise the hour

Victory’s story

Throne of power

Crown of glory

Earth is rescued

Sin is vanquished

Death is conquered,

Satan banished

Mercies endless

Living water

Kingdom, spotless,

To the Father

Heaven’s winepress

I have trodden

This my address—

One Begotten

The price full paid

The prize fair won

What Father bade

Is dared and done.