Teaching (and) Truth

Editor's Note

Several threads connect the articles in this issue of the Religious Educator. One that stands out to me is truth. Those who embrace the restored gospel accept that there are absolute truths and that such truths about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and his gospel, understood and internalized, are saving truths (see John 8:31–32). Whether dealing with the role of the Spirit in Nephi’s learning and teaching or the role of the Spirit in our own teaching, several articles will help religious educators to more fully consider and fulfill their divine commission to teach truth. Moroni powerfully asserted, “By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things” (Moroni 10:5), and the scriptures indicate that one title for the Holy Ghost is “the Spirit of truth” (e.g., John 15:26; D&C 6:15). Thus the Holy Spirit cannot teach without teaching truth—the impressions and revelations of the Spirit will always be true (and hopefully we minimize impeding the workings of the Spirit!).

Other threads that connect many articles in this issue are teaching and learning. Obviously, teaching truth by the Spirit of truth and helping our students learn truth by the same Spirit is a major goal of every religious educator. Whether an Apostle, a seminary teacher, or a Sunday School teacher, we know the Spirit must attend our efforts to teach if we are going to participate in the process through which our students learn saving truths and become free through Jesus’ saving sacrifice.

Of course, there are other important themes in this issue’s articles, including faith, history, and the doctrine of the Godhead. We at the RSC invite you to thoroughly explore this issue of the Religious Educator. We trust it will assist you in faithfully learning and teaching the truths of the restored gospel.

Dana M. Pike