Editor's Note

Welcome to volume 10 of the Religious Educator! At the beginning of our tenth year, I asked Robert L. Millet, a former dean, and Terry B. Ball, our current dean, to comment on this ten-year milestone.

Robert L. Millet: “For a number of years we as an administrative council in Religious Education counseled together on the need for a publishing outlet that would benefit gospel teachers and students, containing articles on Church history, doctrine, and teaching. We wanted to produce a journal that would better meet the needs of all who love gospel learning, that would reinforce solid doctrinal themes and inform readers of new historical insights or discoveries. BYU Studies had served a marvelous role through the years, but it seemed to be directed to a much broader audience with articles dealing with literature, the arts, and the sciences. We also felt the need for teachers throughout the Church to have available to them the fruits of new research conducted at BYU and elsewhere as well as proven teaching methods from fellow educators. Once the first issue of the Religious Educator was released, I felt that we were on to something important. Time and experience and outstanding editorial oversight have made this publishing venue an extremely valuable one.”

Terry B. Ball: “It is exciting to reflect on what the journal has accomplished during the past decade. From its inception under the leadership of Dean Millet in the spring of 2000, it has fulfilled well its inaugural purpose of publishing articles that provide insights for those involved in studying and teaching the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, whether in Institutes and Church school classrooms, in wards and branches throughout the Church, or in homes around the world. The hundreds of thoughtful, well-researched articles contributed to the Religious Educator by dedicated scholars, teachers, and leaders now constitute a remarkable library of pedagogical, doctrinal, and devotional resources to help educators as they strive to effectively teach of things that matter most. Much to our delight, the journal has grown into one of the most prestigious venues for researchers to publish their best faith-based scholarship and has done much to help Religious Education at Brigham Young University accomplish its overall mission of “building the kingdom of God by teaching and preserving the sacred doctrine and history of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” I wish to personally express my deep appreciation to our publication office in the Religious Studies Center who work so diligently to produce the journal. Their vision and labors have met and far exceeded all of our hopes for what the Religious Educator could be.”

We appreciate Robert L. Millet for his efforts to establish this publication and Terry B. Ball for his support of our efforts to provide another opportunity to consider important matters related to the glorious gospel we have received. It is all “good news”! Best wishes!

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel