Epilogue: The Future of Religious Education

Richard O. Cowan, "Epilogue: The Future of Religious Education," Teaching the Word: Religious Education at Brigham Young University (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, 2008) 102–103.

As we reflect upon the past, we know of the developments and changes that have occurred which have brought us to the present. Although no one knows what new opportunities and challenges lay before Brigham Young University in the twenty-first century, the faculty of Religious Education will certainly continue its efforts to meet the needs of the university and the worldwide Church.

While future developments and changes remain perpetually unknown, two things are certain. As with every branch of the university, Religious Education will continue to fulfill its mission in new ways by creatively adapting to whatever novel circumstances may come. But unique to its role as the hub of the university, Religious Education will always remain an irreplaceable ingredient in the BYU experience, one that gives the university something different and unparalleled to offer the rest of the world. We have not witnessed the sunset, but the sunrise, of Religious Education at BYU.