Appendix B: Administrative and Other Officers

Richard O. Cowan, "Appendix B: Administrative and Other Officers," Teaching the Word: Religious Education at Brigham Young University (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, 2008), 139–146.

The Division of Religion (1939–59)

Director of Religious Activities

1939–47 J. Wyley Sessions

1948–49 Hugh B. Brown

Director of Religious Instruction

1947–53 Sidney B. Sperry

Director of the Undergraduate Division of Religion

1953–58 B. West Belnap

1958–59 David H. Yarn Jr.

Director of Graduate Studies

1953–59 Sidney B. Sperry

College of Religious Instruction (1959–73)
Religious Instruction (1973–83)
Religious Education (1983–present)


1959–62 David H. Yarn Jr.

1962–66 B. West Belnap

1966–67 Roy W. Doxey (acting)

1967–70 Daniel H. Ludlow

1970–71 Roy W. Doxey (acting)

1971–74 Roy W. Doxey

1974–76 Jeffrey R. Holland

1976–81 Ellis T. Rasmussen

1981–90 Robert J. Matthews

1990–91 Donald Q. Cannon (acting)

1991–2000 Robert L. Millet

2000–2005 Andrew C. Skinner

2006– Terry B. Ball

Assistant Deans

1969–71 Roy W. Doxey

1971–76 Ellis T. Rasmussen

Associate Deans

1982–91 Monte S. Nyman

1986–90 Donald Q. Cannon

1991–97 Donald Q. Cannon

1991–97 Larry E. Dahl

1997–2002 Paul Y. Hoskisson

1997–2002 Brent L. Top

2002–4 Terry B. Ball

2002–6 Matthew O. Richardson

2004–7 Richard D. Draper

2006– Dennis A. Wright

2007– Kent P. Jackson

Assistants to the Dean

Formerly administrative assistants

1973–76 Evelyn Scheiss

1976–86 Rene Mortenson

1986– Joy L. Smith

Department Chairs

Bible and Modern Scripture

1940–54 Sidney B. Sperry

1954–58 Roy W. Doxey

1958–59 Eldin Ricks

1959–61 Daniel H. Ludlow

1961–62 Howard H. Barron

Biblical Languages

1959–60 Sidney B. Sperry

1960–62 Ellis T. Rasmussen

Church Organization and Administration

Renamed LDS Organization and Administration in 1955

1940–48 Wesley P. Lloyd

1948–49 Hugh B. Brown

1949–51 –––––––––––––––––

1951–52 Sidney B. Sperry (acting)

1952–53 B. West Belnap (acting)

1953–54 B. West Belnap

1954–57 Chauncey C. Riddle

1957–59 G. Byron Done

Theology and Religious Philosophy

Renamed Theology and Philosophy in 1955

1940–47 J. Wyley Sessions

1948–50 Sidney B. Sperry (acting)

1950–51 –––––––––––––––––

1951–57 David H. Yarn Jr.

1957–58 Chauncey C. Riddle

1958–59 Truman G. Madsen

Church History

Renamed LDS Church History in 1955

1940–46 Russell Swensen

1946–48 –––––––––––––––––

1948–54 Hugh Nibley

1954–56 Russell R. Rich (acting)

1956–59 Russell R. Rich

LDS Theology, Church Organization and Administration

Renamed Theology and Church Administration in 1960

1959–60 G. Byron Done

1960–62 Rodney Turner

History and Philosophy of Religion

1959–62 Truman G. Madsen

Religious Education

1959–61 B. West Belnap

1961–62 Chauncey C. Riddle

Undergraduate Studies in Religion

1963–69 Roy W. Doxey

Graduate Studies in Religion

1963–69 Chauncey C. Riddle (graduate dean—March 1969)

Ancient Scripture

1969–71 Ellis T. Rasmussen

1971–75 Robert C. Patch

1973–74 Monte S. Nyman (acting)

1975–81 Robert J. Matthews

1981–82 Monte S. Nyman (acting)

1982–85 S. Kent Brown

1985–88 George A. Horton Jr.

1988–91 Robert L. Millet

1991–97 Stephen E. Robinson

1997–2000 Andrew C. Skinner

2000–2004 Daniel K Judd

2004–5 Terry B. Ball

2006– Dennis L. Largey

Church History and Doctrine

1969–75 LaMar C. Berrett

1975–82 Larry C. Porter

1982–89 Keith W. Perkins

1989–91 Larry E. Dahl

1991–94 Leon R. Hartshorn

1994–97 Richard O. Cowan

1997–2000 Raymond S. Wright

2000–2006 Paul H. Peterson

2006– Arnold K. Garr


Transferred to the College of General Studies in 1972

1962–66 James R. Clark

1966–69 Chauncey C. Riddle

1969–71 C. Terry Warner

1971–72 Noel B. Reynolds

Associate Department Chairs

Ancient Scripture

1994–97 Dennis L. Largey

1997–2000 Rex C. Reeve Jr.

2000–2002 Terry B. Ball

2002–4 Ray L. Huntington

2004–6 Dennis L. Largey

2006–7 David M. Whitchurch

2007– Camille Fronk Olsen

Church History and Doctrine

1994–97 H. Dean Garrett

1997–2004 Arnold K. Garr

2004–6 Dennis A. Wright

2006– John P. Livingstone

Ancient Studies Institute Directors

“Institute” dropped from the title when this area came under the Religious Studies Center in 1977

1973–77 Hugh Nibley
Douglas Phillips (associate director)

1977–82 S. Kent Brown

1978–79 Thomas Mackay (interim director)

1982–97 C. Wilfred Griggs

1997–2006 S. Kent Brown

Religious Studies Center Publications Directors

1985–87 S. Kent Brown

1987–94 Charles D. Tate Jr.

1994–2001 Kent P. Jackson

2001–4 Richard D. Draper

2004– Richard Neitzel Holzapfel

Richard L. Evans Chairs of Religious Understanding

Title changed from the Richard L. Evans Chair of Christian Understanding in 1994

1972–94 Truman G. Madsen

1994–98 David Paulsen

1996–99 Darwin L. Thomas

1998–2001 Larry C. Porter

1998–2005 Roger R. Keller

2001–5 Robert L. Millet

2005– Fred E. Woods

2005–8 Paul Y. Hoskisson

2008– James E. Faulconer