Appendix 3

Comparative Chronology of Willie, Martin, Hunt, and Rescue Company

The Hodgetts wagon company did not keep a separate camp journal; therefore, the company is not included in this comparative chronology, though it generally traveled within a day of the Martin company.

The “Rescuers” column focuses primarily on the initial company led by George D. Grant (based primarily on “Robert T. Burton diaries, 1856–1907,” Record book, circa 1856 October–November; CHL, MS 1221), but it includes some information on rescuers who followed Grant. Numerous groups and individuals left the Salt Lake Valley to assist in the rescue during October and November, with the last supply train leaving on 2 December 1856. This column also includes the movement of others, such as Franklin D. Richards.

4 MayThornton sails from Liverpool.   
19 May  William Goble family leaves Brighton. 
25 May Horizon sails from Liverpool.Horizon sails from Liverpool. 
14 JuneThornton arrives in New York.   
26 JuneArrive in Iowa city.   
30 June Horizon arrives in Boston.Horizon arrives in Boston. 
1 July Passengers disembark in Boston.Passengers disembark in Boston. 
9 July Arrive in Iowa City.Arrive in Iowa City. 
13 July  Fifth wagon company organized with Dan Jones, captain. 
15 JulyDepart Iowa City.   
19 July  Fanny Goble (twenty-three months) dies in Iowa Camp. 
22 July Company leaves Iowa City.  
1 Aug.  Company begins leaving Iowa City campground about 4:00 p.m. and travels two miles. 
4 Aug.  Company stabilizes at fifty-six wagons. 
11 Aug.Arrive in Florence.   
10 Aug.  John A. Hunt appointed captain. 
13 Aug.Decide not to stay the winter in Florence.   
14 Aug.  Dan Jones leaves the company. 
16 Aug.Leave Florence.   
22 Aug. Company arrives in Florence. Haven and Martin companies combined into a single company.  
25 Aug. Leave Florence with about 620 members.  
28 Aug.  Ferry Missouri River and arrive in Florence. 
31 Aug.  Leave Florence. 
3 Sept.   Franklin D. Richards and party leave Florence.
5 Sept.  Receive report of Indian attack on Babbitt company. 
6 Sept.  Franklin D. Richards passes the Hunt company at about 10:15AM. 
7 Sept. Franklin D. Richards passes the Martin Company.Franklin D. Richards passes the Hodgetts company about ten miles past the Martin company. 
12 Sept.Franklin D. Richards meets the company.   
13 Sept. Arrive at Fort Kearny, Nebraska.  
15 Sept.  “The weather being very hot, the cattle suffered much.”Franklin D. Richards meets the Smoot Company and notes they had provisions for twenty-three days.
    Richards meets O. P. Rockwell with five wagons. At Fort Laramie, Richards “purchased some good buffalo robes for the P.E. Fund passengers in the rear.”
18 Sept.“Very sharp frost.” Camp on Platte at Ash Hollow.   
23 Sept.  “Cold and frosty.” A buffalo is shot in the afternoon, and the meat is distributed.Richards “purchased a few more robes for Capt. J. G. Willie’s company” at Platte Bridge.
24 Sept.Pass Chimney Rock. Mary Penfold Goble gives birth to baby, Edith, before leaving camp in the morning.Richards meets John Smith who was bringing flour out, presumably for the Smoot company.
27 Sept.   Richards meets William Smith fifteen miles east of Pacific Springs with two wagons of flour. He counsels him to cache his flour and go on to meet the Willie company.
30 Sept.At Fort Laramie.   
4 Oct. (Sat.)Rations are reduced. Passed by Parley P. Pratt and other missionaries going east.Pass Scott’s Bluff.

Sussanah Bruner (64) dies.

Pass Chimney Rock about 10:00 a.m.

Marinda Nancy Pay (ten weeks old) dies just before midnight.

Franklin D. Richards meets with First Presidency in Salt Lake City; decision made to organize relief party immediately.
5 Oct. (Sun.)  Passed by Parley P. Pratt and other missionaries going east.Brigham Young calls for relief party volunteers to leave as soon as possible.
6 Oct. (Mon.)  

John Turley (forty-two) dies.

Ruth Jones born.

Pass Scott’s Bluff.

7 Oct. (Tues.)  Cattle stampede, damaging William Goble’s wagon. Esther Walters is trampled, dies, leaving four-week-old infant.First members of rescue party leave Salt Lake City, camp near Big Mountain.
8 Oct. (Wed.) Reach Fort Laramie  
9 Oct. (Thurs.)  John Joseph Wiseman, age five, dies from “bodily weakness.” 
10 Oct. (Fri.)Reach Platte Crossing, obtain thirty-six buffalo robes at trading post, which had been arranged by Franklin D. Richards. At Fort Laramie. 
11 Oct. (Sat.)  Trading at Fort Laramie, then resume journey. 
12 Oct. (Sun.)  Travel seven miles. Brothers Bell and Beesley return to Fort Laramie due to lateness of the season.Arrive at Fort Bridger.
13 Oct. (Mon.)Pass Willow Springs and Prospect Hill, camp at Greasewood Creek.Travel twenty miles, camp two miles from North Platte River.Travel twenty miles.Leave Fort Bridger, camp on Black’s Fork.
14 Oct. (Tues.)Travel thirteen miles, camp one mile west of Independence Rock.Travel twenty miles, just behind the Hodgetts company.Travel fifteen miles.Send express from Black’s Fork: Joseph A. Young, Cyrus H. Wheelock, Steven Taylor, Abel Garr.
15 Oct. (Wed.)Caroline Reeder (seventeen) dies. Travel sixteen miles, passing Devil’s Gate; rations are further reduced to 10.5 oz. for men, 9 oz. for women and large children, 6 oz. for small children, 3 oz. for infants. Ford Platte, travel seventeen miles.Travel past Green River to Big Sandy.
16 Oct. (Thurs.)Three deaths and one birth. Travel eleven miles, camp just west of Split Rock. Travel twenty-two miles, ford to south side of Platte.

Camp at Big Sandy.

Meet up with Smoot wagon train.

17 Oct. (Fri.)

One death.

Travel thirteen miles, ford Sweetwater.

Baggage is reduced to 10 pounds per adult, 5 pounds per child. Blankets, clothing, etc. are burned to lighten load. Camp at Deer Creek.Travel sixteen miles.Camp at Little Sandy.
18 Oct. (Sat.)One death. Travel eight miles, ford Sweetwater (fourth crossing). Travel fifteen miles.Cross South Pass and camp at head of the Sweetwater.
19 Oct. (Sun.)One death before leaving, four during the day. Pass ice slough, snowstorm hits early in the day, meet express just west of ice slough, eat last of flour, camp at sixth crossing of Sweetwater.Arrive at last crossing of Platte. Hodgetts company crosses, followed by Martin company, assisted by Hunt company. Storm hits in the evening.Travel fourteen miles, passing “Fort Bridge” (near the Platte Bridge) and camp at last crossing of the Platte. Hunt company meets up with Martin company there and assists them in crossing Platte.Very cold. Hit by storm in evening. Express riders meet the Willie company, then continue on in search of Martin, Hunt, and Hodgetts companies. Redick Allred establishes a base camp at head of the Sweetwater.
20 Oct. (Mon.)One death; four to five inches of snow on ground. Company stays in camp on Sweetwater, east of Rocky Ridge at sixth crossing of Sweetwater. Willie and Elder leave about 10:00 a.m. to search for the rescue party.Trapped by snow, stay in camp. Fourteen die at this camp.Trapped by snow, stay in camp. “It commenced snowing again at 3:00 p.m. and continued for some time.”Willie and Elder directed to camp of rescue party by signboard left on road. Willie and Elder meet rescuers at night, about twenty-five miles west of the Willie company camp.
21 Oct. (Tues.)

Stay in camp. Four deaths.

Willie arrives with fourteen relief wagons about sunset. Nine buried at this camp.

Move about five miles to Emigrant Gap Ridge.Trapped by snow, stay in camp. Snow eight inches deep.Leave early in morning with relief wagons and meet Willie company about sunset. “Snow deep.”
22 Oct. (Wed.)

Travel eleven miles with six relief wagons. Camp on Sweetwater.

Two deaths.

Trapped by snow, stay in camp at Emigrant Gap Ridge.Ford Platte about 1:00 p.m. and camp about one mile beyond the ford. Several cattle die.Travel seventeen miles through deep snow with eight to ten wagons. Camp at Wallahualtah Rock, at base of Rocky Ridge.
23 Oct. (Thurs.)Travel sixteen miles up Rocky Ridge, cold and windy, some do not arrive in camp until daybreak. Two deaths.Move a few miles to Red Buttes, where the Hodgetts company is camped.Trapped by snow, stay in camp. “Very cold and frosty.”“Snow deep. Could not travel.”
24 Oct. (Fri.)Thirteen burials in the morning. Stay in camp. Six relief wagons arrive.Trapped by snow, stay in camp at Red Buttes.Trapped by snow, stay in camp. “A very cold northwest wind blowing.”Travel beyond Three Crossings through deep snow.
25 Oct. (Sat.)Two deaths; travel fifteen miles, crossing Sweetwater for last time.Trapped by snow, stay in camp at Red Buttes. Flour rations are reduced to 8 oz. per adult and 4 oz. per child.Trapped by snow, stay in camp. 
26 Oct. (Sun.)Two deaths; travel fourteen miles, crossing South Pass. Camp on Pacific Creek.Trapped by snow, stay in camp at Red Buttes.Trapped by snow, stay in camp. Capt. Hunt goes to Fort Bridge to see about purchasing more cattle.Arrive at Devil’s Gate, where express party is waiting. In Salt Lake City, Church leaders call for more men and wagons to assist.
27 Oct. (Mon.)Travel eighteen miles, camp on Little Sandy.Trapped by snow, stay in camp at Red Butte. Elizabeth Horrocks Jackson (whose husband died the night of 25 Oct) sees husband in a dream who says, “Cheer up, Elizabeth. Deliverance is at hand.”Trapped by snow, stay in camp. Capt. Hunt returns with sixteen cattle.Stay at Devil’s Gate while express (Joseph A. Young, Dan Jones, Abel Garr) goes east looking for Martin and Hunt companies. Probable date of Ephraim Hanks’ departure.
28 Oct. (Tues.)Travel eight miles, camp on Big Sandy.A “red letter day”: express arrives with news that supplies are at Devil’s Gate.Express arrives in camp. “Continued cold.” Thirteen more cattle brought from the fort.Express connects with Hodgetts, Martin, Hunt companies, in that order. Relief wagons remain at Devil’s Gate.
29 Oct. (Wed.)Two deaths; travel fifteen miles, camp on Big Sandy.Travel to Avenue of Rocks.Travel three miles.Express camps with Martin company.
30 Oct. (Thurs.)Two deaths; travel eleven miles, cross Green River.Camp at Willow Springs.Travel seven miles to Red Buttes. Margaret Price gives birth to a daughter.Express returns to Devil’s Gate and reports location of Martin, Hodgetts, and Hunt companies.
31 Oct. (Fri.)Travel eighteen miles. Ten more supply wagons arrive.Rescuers Wheelock, Jones, and Garr return in afternoon. Camp at Greasewood Creek, where six relief wagons arrive.Remain in camp all day.Move relief wagons to Greasewood Creek, where they meet Martin company.
1 Nov. (Sat.)One death; travel fifteen miles, meet more relief wagons.Camp near Independence Rock. Deep snow has to be cleared away to set up camp.Travel twelve miles (through Bad Water area). Meet C. H. Wheelock and William Broomhead from rescue party, camp at Avenue of Rocks. “Snow and rain.”Begin moving back toward Devil’s Gate. “Snowed until late at night; camped near Independence Rock.”
2 Nov. (Sun.)One death in evening; travel fifteen miles, passing Fort Bridger. Ephraim Hanks passes the company.Arrive at Devil’s Gate late in the evening.Travel four miles to Willow Springs, snow six to seven inches deep. “Very cold.” Probably where Mary is lost in snow.Camp at Devil’s Gate. “Snow very deep, very cold.”
3 Nov. (Mon.)Travel about twelve miles, passing more relief wagons. Camp on Muddy Creek. All are now able to ride in wagons.Remain at Devil’s Gate. One death reported.“Very cold.” Travel eleven miles, camp at Greasewood Creek. “The infant child of William Goble died at 9 o’clock p.m.”Too cold to travel, remain at Devil’s Gate. Send express (J. A. Young and Abel Garr) to Salt Lake City requesting additional help.
4 Nov. (Tues.)W. H. Kimball and Thomas sent to Salt Lake City. Ford Bear River and camp on Bear. Pass several relief wagons.Unload baggage at Devil’s Gate, then move to Martin’s Ravine (Cove), crossing the Sweetwater.Travel five miles along Greasewood Creek.Assist in building fires, setting up tents, cooking, etc., as well as unloading and storing baggage at Devil’s Gate. Assist Martin company in crossing Sweetwater.
5 Nov. (Wed.)Two deaths; travel twenty-three miles into Echo Canyon.Camp at Martin’s Cove. Three deaths reported.Leave about 11:00 a.m., pass Independence Rock about 2:00 p.m., and arrive at Devil’s Gate at 8:00 p.m., having traveled twelve miles. Meeting held to discuss leaving baggage and consolidating wagons. Jan Walters (eight weeks) dies.At Devil’s Gate and surrounding area.
6 Nov. (Thurs.)Two deaths; ford Weber River; snowed all day.Camp at Martin’s Cove.“Intense cold and stormy.” Spend day unpacking wagons. William Burton (twenty-six) dies—“could not bear the intensity of the cold.”Record temperature of 11 degrees below zero at Devil’s Gate. “So cold the people could not travel.”
7 Nov. (Fri.)Three deaths; camp in East Canyon, pass several relief wagons headed east.Camp at Martin’s Cove.“Extremely cold.” Continue unloading wagons. Ann Davis (forty-seven) dies. James Goble (four) dies at Devil’s Gate, but the exact date is unrecorded.At Devil’s Gate. “Remained very cold. Could not travel. Stowing away goods, trying to save the people, stock, etc.”
8 Nov. (Sat.)One death; camp between Big and Little Mountains.Camp at Martin’s Cove.Hodgetts company rolls out from Devil’s Gate; Hunt continues to unload.Begin to move out from Devil’s Gate.
9 Nov. (Sun.)One death; arrive in Salt Lake City.Two deaths; leave Martin’s Cove and resume journey. In addition to the four deaths reported in the Pioneer Database during the days at Martin’s Cove, another nine deaths are listed for November with no specific date.Leave Devil’s Gate at noon, cross Sweetwater, travel six miles, and camp at 4:00 p.m. There are now twenty-four wagons in the company.Daniel W. Jones, Thomas Alexander, Ben Hampton, and seventeen members of the Hodgetts and Hunt companies selected to remain behind and guard luggage over the winter. Seven teams that had left Salt Lake City after 26 Oct. turn back.
10 Nov. (Mon.) Ephraim Hanks comes into camp with fresh buffalo meat.Continue to move out from Devil’s Gate.Last wagon leaves Devil’s Gate about 3:00 p.m. Ephraim Hanks meets the Martin company about dusk.
11 Nov. (Tues.) Camp at Bitter Cottonwood Creek.Mary Hutchinson (seventy) and James Reese (sixty) die.Main group catches up to the Martin company. Brigham Young, hearing that some supply wagons had turned back, sends four men to intercept them with orders to turn around.
12 Nov. (Wed.) Camp west of three crossings.Sophie Turner (fourteen) dies.Send an express to South Pass to obtain more supply wagons.
13 Nov. (Thurs.) Four teams carrying flour arrive from South Pass. Travel sixteen miles, camp on Sweetwater near ice slough. Express returns with four teams and some flour. Brigham Young receives letter from Grant requesting additional assistance.
14 Nov. (Fri.) Camp on Sweetwater a few miles east of sixth crossing. First day without deaths since crossing the Platte near Casper.  
15 Nov. (Sat.) Travel eight miles, camp on Sweetwater.  
16 Nov. (Sun.) Cross Rocky Ridge; meet ten relief teams; bitter storm all day. Rations increased to 16 oz. per adult and 8 oz. per child.John Turner (twelve) dies.Ten more teams arrive from the valley.
17 Nov. (Mon.) Sixteen deaths, all buried at Aspen Grove—worst single night for deaths.  
18 Nov. (Tues.) Travel five miles, camp on Sweetwater near present site of Rock Hollow monument; meet Redick Allred. There are now enough wagons that all can ride. Redick Allred meets the Martin company with additional wagons.
19 Nov. (Wed.) Camp at Little Sandy.Cross South Pass and camp at Pacific Springs. 
20 Nov. (Thurs.) Camp on Big Sandy. Enough relief wagons that all can ride, but some walk to stay warm.Company divides in several small groups. 
21 Nov. (Fri.) At Black’s Fork, more relief wagons arrive. Wagons spread out some distance, traveling at their own speed.“Four horse teams arrived in camp this morning and took away about ten of our company to each wagon.”Additional wagons arrive with flour.
22 Nov. (Sat.)  “A number of oxen came from Fort Bridger and took several of our wagons to that place.”Additional teams arrive. Send some teams back to Hunt company.
23 Nov. (Sun.) Arrive at Fort Bridger; snows in the evening. Church leaders in Salt Lake City ask for more teams and wagons to assist.
24 Nov. (Mon.) Muddy Creek, very cold.  
25 Nov. (Tues.) Bear River.  
26 Nov. (Wed.) Head of Echo Canyon.Arrive at Green River. 
27 Nov. (Thurs.) Weber River.Sarah Pay (age thirty) dies. 
28 Nov. (Fri.) East Canyon.  
29 Nov. (Sat.) Camp at head of Emigration Canyon.Several wagons cross the Green River.Pass over Big Mountain in heavy snowstorm; pass over Little Mountain, camp at head of Emigration Canyon.
30 Nov. (Sun.) Arrive in Salt Lake City about noon in 104 wagons.Remaining wagons cross the Green River.After arriving with the Martin company, Feramorz Little and Ephraim Hanks start east with the mail.
1 Dec. (Mon.)    
2 Dec. (Tues.)  Some wagons begin arriving at Fort Bridger.Sixty more wagons leave Salt Lake City to assist in bringing in the Hodgetts and Hunt companies.
3 Dec. (Wed.)    
4 Dec. (Thurs.)  Last wagons arrive at Fort Bridger. 
5 Dec. (Fri.)    
6 Dec. (Sat.)  At Fort Bridger, messenger from Salt Lake City arrives with news that more teams are on the way. “This caused great joy in the camp.” 
7 Dec. (Sun.)  At Fort Bridger, fourteen relief wagons arrive in the evening.Fourteen relief wagons arrive at Fort Bridger.
8 Dec. (Mon.)  At Fort Bridger, more relief wagons arrive.Additional relief wagons arrive at Fort Bridger.
9 Dec. (Tues.)  Some wagons resume journey to the valley.Relief wagons begin carrying emigrants to the valley.
11 Dec. (Thurs.)  Mary Penfold Goble dies between Big and Little Mountains about 4:00 p.m. Surviving Gobles arrive in Salt Lake City at 9:00 p.m. 
13 Dec. (Sat.)  Richard Pay arrives in Salt Lake City. 
15 Dec. (Mon.)  “The remainder of the Saints arrived in Great Salt Lake City today, the emigration now being completed.” Fifty wagons with 360 Saints arrived between 7 Dec and 15 Dec.Rescue parties complete mission, except for those who remain behind at Devil’s Gate to guard belongings left there.