Joseph Smith's Practice of Plural Marriage

Brian C. Hales

Brian C. Hales, "Joseph Smith's Practice of Plural Marriage," in A Reason for Faith: Navigating LDS Doctrine & Church History, ed. Laura Harris Hales (Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University; Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 2016), 129-142.

Brian C. Hales is the author of seven books dealing with Mormon polygamy. He has presented at numerous meetings and symposia and published articles in The Journal of Mormon History, Mormon Historical Studies, and Dialogue, as well contributed the Persistence of Polygamy series. He also maintains the websites and Brian works as an anesthesiologist and has served as the president of both the Utah Medical Association and the Medical Staff at the Davis Hospital and Medical Center in Layton, Utah. Brian is married to Laura Harris Hales and is the father to four children.

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