Title Index

“An Acrostic on the Great Mormon Prophet”

“All Hail to Our Chief”

“All Is Well”

“Amazed with Wonder!”

“Americans: A Poem in Blank Verse”

“In Ancient Days, by Scorn”

“The Answer: A Vision”

“The Assassination: Of Gen’s Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith First Presidents of The Church of Latter-day Saints; Who Were Massacred by a Mob, in Carthage, Hancock County, Ill., on the 27th June, 1844.”

“Baptism for the Dead”

“Behold the Temple of the Lord”

“The Capstone”

“Charter of Nauvoo”

“Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice”

“Cry of the Martyrs”

“The Death of the Prophets”

“Dedication Hymn”

“Early This Spring We Leave Nauvoo”

“Farewell Address to Orson Hyde”

“Farewell Illinois, I Must Leave Thee Awhile”

“Farewell, on Leaving Nauvoo”

“Farewell to Nauvoo”

“The Female Relief Society of Nauvoo: What Is It?”

“The Gathering of Zion”

“Go Forth Ye Herald and Proclaim”

“God Save Nauvoo”

“The Goodly City of Nauvoo”

“Hail Columbia, ‘Free and Equal’”

“Hymn” (Hardy)

“Hymn” (Wandell)

“I Thought of the Place Where the Two Martyrs Rest”


“I’ve Seen the Dark and Driving Storm”

“Joseph and Hyrum Smith Were Martyred June 27, 1844”

“Joseph Now Has Gone to Rest”

“Joseph, Our Brother, Is Dead”

“Joseph’s Rest Is Sweet and Glorious”

“Joseph Smith, the Prophet”

“Jubilee Song”

“The Kidnapping of Gen. Joseph Smith”


“Latter Day Pilgrim”

“The Latter Day Saints: A Poem in Two Cantos”

“Let the Mountains Shout for Joy”

“Let Zion and Her Children Mourn”

“Lines” (Hulet)

“Lines” (Appleby)

“Lines Suggested on Seeing an Ancient Fortification in Wayne County, N. Y.”

“Lines Written on the Birth of the Infant Son of Mrs. Emma, Widow of the Late General Joseph Smith”

“The Martyrs”

“The Martyrs of Jesus: Safely Lodged behind the Vale”


“The Mobbers of Missouri”

“The Mormon Jubilee”

“Nauvoo” (Laura)

“Nauvoo” (Phazma)

“Nauvoo” (unknown)

“The Nauvoo Legion”

“The Noble, Brave Boys of Nauvoo”

“O, Give Me Back My Prophet Dear”

“O, Missouri, How Art Thou Fallen!”

“On the Death of the Prophet”

“On the Death of the Prophet and Patriarch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Shall They Live Again?”

“Our Union Then, Will Be Increased”

“The Patent Wrench”

“A Poem on the Suffering of the Saints in Missouri”

“A Portrait of the Missouri Mobs: A Poem”

“Praise to the Man”

“Pratt’s Defense: Before the Authorities of Missouri”


“Psalm LII: A Parody”

“Psalm No. 2”

“A Question on My Mind Appears”


“Resurrection Hymn”

“Sacred to the Memory of Joseph and Hyrum Smith”

“Second Part”

“The Seer”

“The Slaughter on Shoal Creek”

“A Song”

“Song of the Exiled Saints”

“A Song of Zion”

“The Tattler”

“The Temple of God”

“The Temple of God at Nauvoo”

“Thou Great Eternal of Eternity: The Life of President Joseph Smith—Two Chapters”

“Thou Persecuted of Nauvoo”

“’Tis Hard Times When Fire Wraps Cities in Flames”

“To a Ringleader in the Late Missouri Persecution”

“To Dr. Willard Richards”

“To Elder John Taylor”

“To He Knows Who”

“To His Excellency Governor Carlin”

“To Miss Barbara Matilda Neff”

“To Mrs. Mary”

“To President Brigham Young”

“To President Joseph Smith and His Lady Presidentess Emma Smith”

“To the Citizens of Quincy”

“The Transformation—or the Tool and the Gem”

“The Two Martyrs, Sent of God”

“The Upper California, O That’s the Land for Me”

“Vade Mecum (‘Go with Me’)”


“A Voice from the Prophet ‘Come to Me’”

“Ye Saints of God on Whom All Earth May Gaze”

“You in Your Last, Wished Me to Write”

“Your Portrait”

“Zion in Captivity, a Lamentation”