September, 1848

“1848,” Ronald D. Dennis, ed., Prophet of the Jubilee (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1997), 129–144.

Description of California

[Quoted from a letter of a recent traveler there, to his friend.]

“IN answer to your last letter to me, I say that it is a pleasure for me to give to you any information about what I saw on my recent journey through California. I traveled past the source of the Platte river, and I crossed the Green river to the south of the windy mountain, and from there through the Rocky Mountains to the valleys of California.

“California has been divided into two parts. One half of it is rich and beautiful valleys, and the other half is mountains and hills. The valleys begin close to the Sea, and stretch for 80 or 100 miles; and some stretch to the big mountain, and others go southward, and they become very broad. The closest valleys to the Pacific Ocean for the most part are from 10 to 50, and sometimes 100 miles in width, and their soil is very fertile; but the rest of the country is not as fruitful, yet it produces grass and plants in abundance. The best land here excells over anything that is on the continent for producing wheat; from 50 to 100 bushels are usually obtained from sowing one bushel. The farmers here grow peas, beans, and every variety of garden vegetables abundantly, and also Indian corn, melons, pumpkins; and there is no country in the world more suitable than California for growing grapes.

The few inhabitants here are remarkably healthy, and the climate is remarkably temperate and pleasant; there is hardly any weather here that can be called winter; rather there are two seasons here, namely wet and dry. Hardly any rain falls in the summer, but the rains begin around the beginning of November, and continue off and on until April. The whole plant kingdom appears in its best dresses when the rains begin, increasing through the winter as they do in the spring in our country. December is the planting season, and in April the hills and the meadows are covered with all kinds of beautiful and useful plants and flowers, the sight of which fills the mind of the traveler with wonder, and paradisiacal images; at the end of summer and autumn, all the vegetables and fruits are ripe, and they continue to be excellent food for men and animals until the rains come. All fruits that grow in the hot and temperate climes are to be had here. The chief merchandise that is taken from here at present is, skins, wax, wheat, furs, &c. There is here an abundance of streams and rivers running through the valleys to meet all the needs for water. There are many hot and cold springs, tar water, salt and bitter waters, for whoever desires them, and they are very medicinal also. A range of mountains and hills rises here and there, stretching to the sea; and a large part of the hills and meadows in April is covered with oats and clover, the latter being the chief natural product of the country. There are here five kinds of clover, three of the red species, and two of the white. The former grows from three to four feet in height, but the latter is shorter. The seed of the red clover is as big as the size of the flax seed, and the inhabitants here live on it, as do the horses.

The main tree in the valleys is oak, which grows for the most part in groves on the banks of the rivers, and it is very useful for furniture, implements, and as fuel, for bearing acorns, and its bark is for marking skins. On the hills grow the biggest and most beautiful trees I have ever seen, and there is a great variety of them. The redwood often reach over 300 feet in height. I measured one of them about five miles from the sea, and it was more than 59 feet in circumference, and 337 feet in height. There is a great abundance of the trees here that are 200 feet high, without one branch on them; and these trees are most often found in the clefts of the mountains.

The inhabitants settle in the eastern part of California for the most part, and they are very few in number when compared to the size of the country. One farmer owns from 9 to 20 square miles of land. The inhabitants live together in small towns, and often these farmers own from one to ten thousand head of horned cattle, horses, &c.

Slavery is not legal in California; yet the Indians are hardly better off in their conditions in their midst than as if they were slaves. California is a beautiful country, and very easy to live in. Going back and forth to California, I saw 8 large lakes, 6 besides the Salt Lake and the Cutaw. The 6 others lie to the west of the Salt Lake, and large rivers flow into them, although none flows out of them, and one can have all the fish he wants in them. The mountains contain many treasures and ores, and a large variety of salutary and medicinal waters, such as porter springs, bitter water, salt, chalk, excellent white clay for making dishes, slates for roofs, limestone houses, and in short, nearly everything useful one can think of. There are many excellent “places” available in all these valleys that no one has claimed. A “place” contains from 12 to 18 square miles.

“I am yours affectionately,


Testimony of Rees Price Dowlais

Mr. Ed.—I beseech your kindness that I might reason and testify a little through your Prophet of the truths that I had the privilege of learning recently, and that I might place them before some of my former brethren and the public who are sufficiently free to read the Prophet. I was a member with the Baptists for nearly nine years, living in as God-fearing and zealous way as I could, and striving to the best of my ability to obtain the comfort of the Holy Ghost, as the scriptures promise. I had the best advice of the Rev. W. R. Davies, Dowlais, for years. I heard his persecution and false accusations constantly of the “Latter-day Saints” in the meetings, from the pulpits, through the publications, and about the houses and roads, and I searched diligently into them, trying to be as unbiased as I could; I was convinced in the end that they were unfounded and derived from an evil principle, and I understood also that Mr. Davies could not disprove, to my satisfaction, the principles that the Saints professed.

I was not without pleasant feelings at time, and hoped that I was worshiping God satisfactorily while I was with the Baptist; but I was as far removed as all the others of my brethren and sisters from having a certainty that we were in the church of God; and when I heard the Saints testifying that if I but obeyed the ordinances of their administration that God would give me through his Holy Spirit this certainty that I desired, I devoted myself to searching the scriptures to determine whether it was still available, or whether it had disappeared and was not necessary, as I had been taught by Mr. Davies and others. While engaged in this careful search, in obedience to the scripture that says, “Prove all things, hold fast that which is good,” news of it reached the ears of Mr. Davies, namely that I was inclined toward a judgment and in danger of joining with the Saints; because of this I was publicly disciplined, under the accusation that I had neglected my meeting attendance; but in reality, I say, that I was diligently searching for the truth. When Mr. Roberts came from Rhymni to Dowlais to lecture against the Saints, the meanness of his stories, the illogic of his allegations, his deceit, and his unfairness, convinced me more and more that the religion of the sufferers was better than the religion that caused the attackers to abuse them, to persecute them, and to falsely accuse them as these did. I heard and read the defense of the Saints in the face of it all. I desired that the Baptists excommunicate me, and I accepted baptism from the Saints; and my testimony to all is now that I enjoyed abundant degrees of the influences of the Holy Ghost in the first church service that I went to with the Saints, yes, enough to prove without doubt that the Spirit of God was in this place, that the people of God are the despised, yet blessed ones, and God proved to me many times besides this, through the manifestation of the Spirit according to his promise, that almost all the accusations I heard against these innocent and godly people were false.

My old and beloved friends, reflect and consider this testimony, for it is divine truth; yet, it is truth that stares you in your faces before the strict judgment seat; and this is it—the God of heaven has sent a message of peace unto you, through which he calls you from human traditions to obey his divine commandments. He offers you “the gift of the Holy Ghost,” a knowledge of God and eternal life if you obey; you have no promise of these things where you are now. Consider your direction in life, and remember that the tales of your pastors against the Saints are not sufficient reason to cause you to refuse the Saints’ message without proving it; for thus have the religious merchants done and will continue to do in every age. Although this appears a hard thing to say at first, yet it is quite true, and you will also have divine proof of that if you obey.

I cannot now describe the difference that is already visible to me between the church of God and the Baptist church, but I know that there is as much difference as between noise and substance, or as there is between talking about a feast and partaking of it.

Also my beloved wife, who was formerly a zealous member with Mr. Davies, Dowlais, has left him and obeyed the order of God; and she also is greatly rejoicing in the privileges of the church of God. We are more content in our family and in every other consideration than ever before, although we are subject to pointing fingers and mocking laughter along the streets, and our old brethren and old our pastor scorn us, treat us like slime, and falsely accuse us publicly. Poor things; let that be between them and the gracious God they kick against.

I desire the Saints of Llwyni to show this our testimony to our relatives there who continue zealous with the traditions of men and profess a form of religion while denying the power of it. Beloved relatives, believe my testimony and obey the commandments of Jesus Christ as we have done; and I assure you, if your hearts are honest, that you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost yourselves, which even the best of the preachers of the Baptists may not promise you; and the Holy Ghost will show you who are the appointed servants of God, and who are but servants sent by man. Your eternal happiness depends on understanding this difference and behaving differently. Oh, that my old, beloved brethren and were wise and could understand this, and would consider their direction in life! This is the wish of your well-wisher,


[This is that man for whom Mr. Davies shows such contempt with his slime through the publications recently, and who denies that the man held any office in his church because he could not write, &c., or was even suitable for that! Yes, this is the man that Mr. Davies said and published that “he had received the Holy Ghost in the pit of his stomach, and he moved under his armpit,” &c. All of this is like all his slander, his knowing false accusations, and his slime upon men much more God-fearing and wise than he himself; and he judged him and them by their works. Which testimony of the two is the more reasonable, in fact? The one who has proved both churches, or the other who has never possessed that much honesty!]

Why Am I an Unbeliever?

To the Editor of the “Prophet.”

SIR,—There are various religious denominations in the neighborhood I live in, and in confronting them with the Bible, the rock of proof of the religions of the world, I have not yet been satisfied with any of them. By my saying that there are six different sects, namely the Calvinists, the Independents, the Baptists, the Wesleyans, the Church of England, and the Latter-day Saints, in the area in which I live, and all preaching Christ as the Savior for sinners, myself having refused them all, it is natural to say about myself that I am a stiffnecked and selfish creature. Sir, if that could be said, no doubt there is too much truth in the statement. But if I say that I am stiffnecked in the above point, I am saying that the Bible made me so. I am stiffnecked, not because I do not want to know, but because I was not taught better. Furthermore, it is natural for me to show the inconsistencies, at least as they appear to me to be. We note:—

“If one died for all, then were all dead: and he died for all,”—”That he by the grace of God should taste death for every man,” says the Bible.

“He died for some,—the elect,” say the Calvinists, the Calvinistic Baptists, the Independents, and some of the vicars of the Church of England.

“The just shall live by faith; but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him,”—”When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, he shall die in it,”—”Ye are fallen from grace,” says the Bible.

“If righteous once, righteous forever: there is no way to fall from grace,” say the Calvinists, the Baptists, the Independents, and the Church of England in part; and thus inconsistent; thus also the other two denominations.

“Go ye and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost,”—”Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature; he that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.” says the Bible.

“We go and baptize all nations, and then we teach them,” say the Wesleyans, the Calvinists, the Independents, the Church of England.

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues,” &c., &c., says the Bible.

“They are not to be had now; and they are not needed in this age,” say the Wesleyans, the Calvinists, the Baptists, the Independents, the Church of England.

“Yes, they are to be had in this age; and they are to be had now with us; and we correspond exactly to the primitive saints, and assure everyone who hears us, that the miraculous gifts are now with us, as they were earlier with the apostles; and whoever turns to us, and receives his baptism for the remission of sins, together with the laying on of hands of the elders, then he shall be an eyewitness himself of the miracles, as the Bible extends them,” say the Latter-day Saints.

Yes, yes, that is the reason I am considered so foolish, namely because I have to differ with you in that matter, as I had to differ with the others in other matters. Thus I do not find anyone who corresponds to the primitive saints. I have conversed with each one of the above denominations about religion, and have asked why they differ from the Bible, some in one thing, and others in another thing; and since they do not have a satisfactory answer at hand, then they generally become angry with me, calling me a stupid fool, or something similar. And thus I am now without religion, since those obscure parts are not clarified.

Now, Sir, I take my message for the first time to ask if you, or some of your kind correspondents will tell me, and others who may be awaiting the same things, namely, Why would public miracles not be performed by your various preachers in the South and the North, where they travel, as they were earlier by the apostles? I read now and then in the Prophet of miracles being performed, but the witnesses are very sparse, and the deed, perchance, has been performed in some obscure corner. That is not how it was with the primitive saints, Sir. I have been a regular listener to the “Saints” for many years now, and have greatly hoped for the thing I am now inquiring about. And I hope, Sir, that my question will not be scornful in your sight, and also that there is nothing in it that will injure the feelings of any of the Saints, if allowed to appear in the Prophet, for I assure you that it is not intended to injure anyone’s feelings, but rather to enlighten me, and perhaps other who may be hoping for the same thing.

A Friend of the Bible

Although our friend’s question is a very old question, yes, nearly as old as Jesus Christ, and although we have answered it in many ways, and many times, yet we are glad to see a man letting out his thoughts honestly, and meekly, and we shall answer him once more briefly as follows:—Gentle “Friend,” it is not God’s way to convince men through their eyes; rather faith comes through hearing, and hearing through the word of God, and not through the miracles of God. This is not setting the matter aside, but it is penetrating right to its roots, which are obvious when we consider that God is the author of miracles; and then, how unreasonable to seek miracles from men who do not profess to be able to perform the smallest miracle! The testimony of the Saints is a sufficient foundation for the faith of every lover of the truth, to bring him to obey, for he promises him that afterwards, and not before, that he will enjoy that which he request; and is there not to every promise its conditions? Is it not reasonable for every lawgiver to be able to choose his own conditions? The exceptions by which the public miracles were performed previously do not change the principle, namely that their promised place is in the church (1 Cor. xii, 30, 31). Yes, Sir, there are hundreds of blessings being enjoyed by the Saints in Wales, which you and others call miraculous; but who besides the Saints believe them? For more on this, read the Scriptural Treasury, under the heading “Sign-seekers.-ED.]

The Greatest Freedom

A MAN cannot enjoy perfect freedom until he is ensured the full and free enjoyment of all the elements on which he depends for sustenance. Unless a man has sufficient to satisfy his needs of air, land, water, and fire, he is a slave to the fears of hunger and poverty, which unbearable yoke will be broken sometime.

The Death of Covetousness

LET all fear of poverty and need be removed, and men will cease to hide their riches in the earth, and scatter them on the surface of the waters, in order to have them back an hundredfold, and neither will they give them for usury. That will provide life and movement in all commerce, and the gold and silver will adorn the face of the earth, instead of being buried in its depths. The fears will be destroyed the moment the elements are given freely to man, and bonds of society will be at one with the law of God. “The root of all evil is the love of money.” When oppression ceases, so will the love of money. Money opens and closes the rusty doors of prison, and every door from there to the doors of the synagogues, and the doors of the sanctum sanctorum (the pulpits), yes, it is money that will open and close practically every room possessed by the human heart. Money is the God of this world, instead of Jehovah and his laws. It is money that makes lawyers, priests, and preachers, as well as thieves, murderers, and prostitutes, and everything that loves and makes lies and deceit.

Remarkable Healing of a Fire Burn!

To the Editor of the Prophet.

DEAR BROTHER,—Because there are so many contradictory claims across this country with respect to the misfortune that befell me in the mine, many wish to hear the story from me personally. Well, it is as follows; make whatever use you wish of it, and I shall stand by its truthfulness:—

Three weeks ago, the damp in the coal mine ignited, and burned my clothes from me, and my face and my arms severely. There were fourteen yards of fire there. No one was with me at the time. The fire drove me forward from six to seven yards, throwing me against the coal and the stones. In a short time I managed to make my way to the part of the mine where other people were working, who very tenderly put other clothes on me, and covered my face against the breeze, and led me into town. Everyone who saw me in the mine lamented that I was burned very badly, and everyone in the house said the same thing. I heard some along the street saying mockingly, “There’s a chance to perform a miracle on Dafydd,” &c. They placed me to lie on the straw in the corner, and daubed burn ointment on me, which caused unbearable pains. I kept wanting the elders of the church to come to me, but my family and all those present opposed it cruelly, threatening not to stay with me if the Saints came near me with their oil. I told them that I had to have them, and that I believed that I would get better immediately, according to the promises of Jesus Christ. Within about an hour and a half some of the Saints came there, and despite all the others, they wiped the oil from off me, and they anointed me with consecrate oil. It was necessary to turn the others from the house, and lock the door, in order to have quiet to administer; and while the brethren were praying in the house, the others outside were almost knocking the door down, howling, and making all kinds of jeers and scorn. Immediately when the brethren finished praying, the intensity of the pain ceased, and it no longer burned; and I arose, washed, and put on my clothes, thanking God for this great blessing. Then the door was opened, and the neighbors came into the house, and they impudently claimed to my face that the fire had not come out of my flesh, and that it was all my lies and deceit; and one of the zealous members of the Baptists shouted in my face, deceit, deceit! But I testified to them, like the blind man of old,—where I was once in great pain, as if in the middle of the flame of a fire, I am now healthy and comfortable; and I thought I was the best one able to judge accurately how things were with me.

Soon afterwards someone sent the doctor in to me, who after seeing the burns there had been, and after understanding that I could not use his preparations, went away, and he told some that I would be glad to get help from him before the week was out, which proved him also a false prophet, who could not believe his own eyes! But behold three weeks since that, and I haven’t needed him yet, nor is there any likelihood of it soon. I had my wife take the straw and the old rags with burn ointment on them out of my sight, which when the neighbors saw her do, rushed out of their houses into the street, howling and screaming like madmen. Some shouted, “Oh, the Saints have cured Dafydd!” and the others even louder screamed, “No they haven’t,—it’s all deceit,” &c. In this manner the neighborhood was stirred up, until we were obliged to lock the door to have peace, although we didn’t say a word to anyone to provoke that. As soon as they had dispersed from the door, I went, together with a religious brother who was in the house, to see some of the Saints, and ever since then I have continued without pain. Next morning I went to work as usual. The workers crowded around me, so that I had not peace to work. They were so far from seeing or recognizing the power of God in the matter, that they gnashed their teeth at me in rage, and some of them called me a deceiver, and others said that I had not been burned at all, while the third group claimed that I had not gotten better. But it would be too long for me to explore a hundredth of the unfounded tales that are told about this matter; but this I know, and this I shall testify gratefully to God, that I am a healthy man, and that from God I received this blessing. So many false accusations were brought to the attention of the Steward out of jealousy because of this, that he came to see me in the mine, and after questioning me as to what had happened, he became so angry that he told me that I could not work there any longer! even though I had worked there since my youth; and while I was given over to frivolity, and missing work, before coming to the Saints, I received praise from him, and every kindness from others; but because I have believed the words of Jesus Christ, those which say—”They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover,” here I am without a friend, or respect, or a job; but I take comfort in all of this, for this has been the endowment of God’s children in every age among the false religionists, and my decision is to stick with the religion that brings me such godly blessings, in spite of all the hatred and wrath of the enemy.

Abercanaid, near Merthyr, July 20, 1848. DAFYDD RICHARDS.

[To the host that have already been given, here is one more clear testimony of the goodness of God to his children—of an answer to the prayer of faith—of the truthfulness of Jesus Christ, and the divine commission of the Latter-day Saints to administer his ordinances; and there is no more evident testimony of that, than the opposition of the spirit of the world, and all its false religionists, to every manifestation of the power of God, just as similar spirits having a form of religion opposed similar happenings in the days of Christ and his apostles. While the Saints thank God for such blessings, others become more angry because of them; and instead of believing and giving the praise to the God who deserves it, if they cannot disprove the happening, they prefer like those before to give the praise to the devil, by claiming that it is through his power that such things are done, which proves their dishonesty; and the purpose of miracles is not to convince the world, but to bless the Saints, and it proves also whose children the one and the other are, by the one and the other wishing to have the glory for their own father.

There are countless scriptural and other testimonies, together with the facts that are to be had, to prove that the devil’s way is to try to convince unbelievers, as a general rule, through seeing miracles; while it is seen that the order of God is the exact opposite, namely through preaching Christ crucified, and stirring the faith of the listener to the act of obedience through hearing, and not through seeing.—ED.]

Letter of Thomas Richards From America

Minersville, July 15, 1847.

Dear Brother in the Lord, together with all the Saints,-I send these few lines to you hoping that when they reach you, you will receive them in full health, physical and spiritual, as we now have here. We continue strong in the spirit and have begun the good work of proclaiming the gospel for the last five Sundays, and besides that we are preaching one time during the week as well. There are three here who have obeyed the gospel. Tell Hugh Jones that Dafydd Davies the weaver has believed, but has not yet obeyed. There is plenty of space here to preach, but the people are very slow to come and hear. The old scarecrow has persuaded them that Joseph Smith was a bad man. Also, Bro. Thomas Davies has been in Pottsville lately two Sundays in a row, and a big crowd came to listen, filling the hall and listening attentively. There is here plenty of room to sow the “good seed” in this area, more than we are able to take advantage of; and there is plenty of room for workers also without being in each other’s way. I believe that many will come to this field, though there be many obstacles to come against them, as the sectarian ministers and their followers are telling the people not to listen to us, lest they become deceived; and they have tried to discourage us in many ways, but through the strength of God we get strength to stand fast in the face of all attacks, testifying to them without hesitation that this is the kingdom of God.

Brother Daniel Edwards, and his wife, came here a week ago and send their regards to all the Saints.

Two brothers of Mary Evans, Cwmglo, are in this place, and they keep throwing in our faces that it is the height of arrogance to claim that William Hughes received that healing, and they have heard that the whole thing was a lie, and that they have sent a letter to their family there to be able to hear the truth. I beg of you to tell Mary Evans and her brother, William Davies, and have them send the truth back here to their family.

Our brother and sister in the Lord, John and Margaret Edwards, send their regards to Dafydd and John Roberts and their families and to all the Saints. They say that they are pleased to notify you that they have had the privilege of obeying the eternal gospel here even though they had refused it from you when they were there. But the Lord saw fit to give to them a second opportunity by sending his servants after them to this part of the world so that after waiting a long time they could receive the opportunity joyfully, and they have strong testimonies that they are in the kingdom of God. They wish to receive a letter from you since they have not received an answer to the letter which they sent from here; and they hope to have the chance to greet you all after that on mount Zion.

There are eight members in this small branch, and we are rejoicing in the Spirit and wish to have part in the prayers of you, the Saints. This is our request and our wish, for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. I am your brother in the new covenant,


[It is surprising how quickly the lies of that “Quick in Water” travel, those which he published in the Baptist about William Hughes. A lie will set the world on fire while the truth is lighting its match, especially when they come against the true religion. We see the necessity of telling the truth and the great responsibility of religious liars.]

Comfort of the Saints under Persecution

IN spite of the knocking from each sect,

There is no need for us to suffer,—our Savior did that;

He bore all contempt, and likewise shall we,

And suffer contentedly, as did he.

He said that thus it should be with us,

Therefore let us strive, let us not give up,

Till we reach Zion, where the Saints will have deliverance,

When our enemies will never again come to do us harm.

A New Song. By J. P.

HAIL to the day, the day the angel

Brought the gospel,

The angel that John saw,

Flying in the midst of heaven,

To proclaim the glad tidings.

To evangelize the entire world

With the precious and wonderful news;

All the distant nations will have

The news of the Savior of the world,

Coming to reign.

India, Africa, and great Asia,—

All countries under the heavens;

Will hear of Calvary,

And the sacrifice that was made on it,

To save us, the people.

Let us rejoice in the pleasant sound,

Namely the sound of Jesus’s gospel;

Let its banners fly,

And let it resound across the land,

Till the Saints do reign.

For the time has come, the time

That the Saints will reign;

And also, the kingdoms of the world

Will all belong to our Lord,—

With him we shall reign.

Shortly we shall see the Son of Man,

Coming on a white cloud,

With pomp and heavenly splendor, appropriately,

And with him all the sons of God,—

And the living will go to meet him.

And then the calf, and the lion’s cub,

Will in lush meadows lie;

No longer harm and destruction will they do,

For the Spirit of God will be on them,

And they shall experience no pain nor injury.

Blessed will be the Saints, their honor great,

When the plague shall come;

They shall reign on the earth below,

On them will shine a heavenly dawn,—

Then they shall see their groom.

Who, who now will not be a Saint?

Great will be the honor of the family,

Feasting yonder on Zion’s mount,

Where no enemy will ever again come near,

To hurt or to make afraid.

Now will the whole world be restored

To the state in which it was created;

The lamb and the wolf shall dwell together,

There will be sweet singing throughout the whole world,

And all will live in bliss.

Oh, let us hasten, let us go to Zion’s hill,

Where in white we shall be dressed,

And also with the laws of the Lord,

And we shall be taught by a heavenly throng,—

Let us go across the sea, and there.

To the land of California we shall go,

Where we shall be free,

And there in splendid mansions,

We shall praise the Lamb without any anguish,—

With splendid temples for the just.

Greeting to the Saints

Dear Brothers and Sisters,—Your humble servant is now in the house of our dear and kind president, O. Pratt, in Liverpool, extremely feeble, having impaired his lungs by preaching too much under disadvantages; and the above president, together with others, have counseled that I should not speak in public for some time, which is considered essential before the lungs can get stronger. It is true that nature has her established laws, and that her punishment is according to the transgression of her laws; and thus, we are here and still have faith in the practice of godly ordinances which God has set in his church, in order to receive health, and we are determined to cling to it, by the strength of God, until death. We earnestly petition a share in the prayers of the Saints, for we know before this without doubt that “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much;” and we know just as surely as that, that God blesses his faithful children with needed blessings, according to the day. We do not fear the will of the Lord, whatever it may be, on our part; yet, for the sake of the dear Saints, our wish is to have a long life to serve them, to teach them, and to protect them from wolves, and to lead them all to Zion out of their weary captivity. For this we would desire to live; in doing this we weakened our constitution; and to this end we ask, and hope that all the Saints will ask, that our heavenly Father will restore us.

Our intention is to emigrate to California next January or February (we shall supply details later), and we want everyone to know that, so that if anyone has any transgression or debt against us, they may come forward while we are here. This offer is quite fair, is it not? We publish this challenge, not because we think that anyone will dare to bring the accusation to our face, but so the Saints will be able to close the jaws of the slanderers who try to blacken our character, and do harm to the feelings of our dear brethren, after our departure.

We remind the Saints of that which was published in the previous Prophet with respect to the treasury of books; and it is expected that the presidents of all the branches will see to it that that is put into operation. Although we have come from six to seven thousand miles, with our family, and that at our own cost, without asking for a penny from anyone, or taxing or collecting from the Saints in Wales even once, rather leaving each one a free agent to contribute or not; and although we would be proud to return back without asking for a collection, or leaning on anyone: yet, I say, despite all that, we hope that our debtors will consider it fitting and proper for us to have that which is ours, and that we may have that by the next Conference through the above plan.

We have much good news to announce to the Saints through the Prophet, from the other side of the ocean, which news we are now unable to publish. We shall only say, that the Lord is prospering the efforts of the saints in California in a wondrous manner, temporally and spiritually. There is endless love and peace throughout them all. An entirely false accusation was the fawning story that flew through the publications of our enemies throughout Wales lately, which said that the Indians had killed some of the Saints, &c. There is not a word of truth in it with respect to the Saints but it is said that the Indians did kill several Sectarians, in their new settlements in Oregon, and that is all. The Saints will perhaps hear a thousand such tales, and just as baseless. Do not believe their tales, for God watches over his Saints.

Also, we are pleased to announce that there is general success on the preaching of the gospel throughout Wales, and about 150 have been baptized each month, and sometimes more, until this small daughter of Mormon has grown to number three thousand in a short time, and in spite of all her opponents. And not only is she multiplying, but who can ever express the joy, the hope, the godliness, and the goodness, together with the brotherly love that are causing the Saints to grow more in the image of their God? The spiritual gifts are enjoyed here to a greater degree in the churches now than ever before, which is a fact to prove that the Saints are striving to please God. The more they aim to do so, all the greater will be their blessings.

There is no chance to publish here an account of the Manchester Conference, but only to report that there was a more numerous crowd there than we have ever before seen, with excellent talks and counsels, and the Spirit of God cheering every heart through the thousands who were there. It continued for two days. President O. Pratt, one of the twelve apostles, who recently came over from America, was the presiding president there. It was learned that the general increase in Britain, since the last Conference, was far more than seven thousand. But more in the next issue.

Now, dear Saints, be obedient to the godly teaching you receive from your pastors; be earnest in prayer, and devoted in every good work; may the God of peace keep you safe until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the prayer of your obedient servant,



THIS is the cause of nearly every vexation on mankind throughout the world. When God organized the elements, he gave them to our father Adam, or the “ancient of days,” to be enjoyed equally by him and all his children, until the end of their generations. His fall is what brought the deterioration in the elements, together with the decay that is characteristic of them; and when their owner comes back, he will remove the curse of decay, and he will restore the laws of God, which will ensure to every one of the inhabitants enough earth, and other elements, for him to enjoy, at least, “his own vine and his own fig tree.” There will be no need there for cunning lawyers to make deeds, wills, &c.

How to Apportion the Fruits of the Earthly Elements

LET a Jubilee be called every seventh year, in which all accounts are settled that can be done fairly, and others are forgiven, and all the lawsuits of envy toward one another will cease, and all, as brothers and sisters, will be made eager to do to others as they would have others do to them. At that time we may say in truth that the “Jubilee has come.” Neither will there be any work there for lawyers. Whoever wishes to achieve this condition, let him obey the gospel, and let him gather with the Saints to Zion, and he, and all his children after him, will enjoy it.

To Prevent Thefts

To keep the honest and the faithful from being tempted by that, remove the cause of that, by placing the man in a situation and a condition in which he can have a sufficiency of that which his Father prepared for him in the beginning, which was the free enjoyment of the four elements, without money and without value. Do you wish to have another chance at this? Keep the commandments of your Father, and come to his Zion; there he will give it to you, and there the earth will bring forth her fruit. And there will be no need for lawyers there either.

The Millennium

BEFORE the millennium can come, everyone must have enough land to make a vineyard, in which he can plant a vine and a fig tree, and sit under them, with no one to disturb him, or to make him afraid. This is the kind of freeholders those Saints will be who are said to be about to be sold into slavery. There will be no need for lawyers or Sectarians there to free them ever.


To Emigrants.

IT is wished for such of the Saints who intend to emigrate with us at the beginning of next year, to send their names to us as soon as they can, together with the names of their children, and their ages. We understand now that a change has taken place in the law that regulates emigration, and that that has caused some increase in the previous prices of transport. The intended amendment is, that the ship would not carry as many, and thus the emigrants would have more space, although the cost is dearer for it. Previously, two children under the age of 14 were counted as one; but now, each one who is more than one year old will be counted as a passenger, and it will make a difference of only ten shillings in the price between those who are under, and those who are over, the age of 14. We intend for the Prophet to offer more instruction to the emigrants from now on than before. There are some thousands now who are preparing to emigrate from England, and Scotland, toward California, and no doubt some thousands will start at the beginning of next year. “Like doves to their windows,” says the prophet.

To the Distributors

SEND all payments at present to “William Morgans, Engineer, Tram Road, to be left at Capt. Jones’, Wellington Street, Merthyr Tydfil.” All books that are desired can be obtained from him-those bound, or the others. Also, the Treasury bound can be obtained as desired, for from 4s. to 5s.

Books for Sale

WE have just received nearly a hundred volumes of “Capt. Jones on Mormonism in 1847,” from the Binder, and they are bound exceptionally well, deluxe, and cheap, for various prices as before. We hope the Saints will endeavor to possess at least one volume of these in every family before it is too late. The volumes for 1846 have all been sold, and a great demand for more, but they cannot be had.