Foreword to 1846

“1846,” Ronald D. Dennis, ed., Prophet of the Jubilee (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1997), xcvi.

Every sect must have its oracle—its monthly, its defense publication, in this inquisitive age and in this inquisitive country; so must we also have. We have now published six issues of the PROPHET. In it one may have a clarification of a variety of our principles, our defense in face of the lying and unfair accusations of our opponents, stories of our success and the strivings of our preachers and our members in various parts of the country, together with proofs from doctrinal segments and prophecies of the Holy Scriptures of our divine establishment, authority, and support.

We begin to prove, clarify, and defend ourselves and our principles; but we expect a continuation of age and opportunity, and support in order to go forward, until we convince our compatriots in general of our Christianity and our heavenly and important stewardship.

Regardless of what is said about us, and about our principles, and about our practices, it is for certain that everyone, although doubting our professions in this, must recognize that in our vessel are found all the apostolic proofs that were promised about persecutions for the faith. They also must recognize that many of the important truths hidden under the mantle of darkness, are shining through the pages of the PROPHET; and thus they will continue to gaze in the eyes of all who read them, until they fill our country with the light of the Jubilee.