Given the size and scope of this volume, there are various persons who deserve mention for their contributions. The first is Scott C. Esplin, publications director of the Religious Studies Center, who deserves special thanks for overseeing the review of this work and for expediting this project. His competence, professionalism, oversight, and attentiveness to this project have ensured not only that it has been published on a very tight schedule but also that the overall quality of the volume has been greatly enhanced. Along the same lines, special thanks should be extended to the editors and staff at the RSC, including Don L. Brugger, R. Devan Jensen, Shirley S. Ricks, Emily V. Strong, Brent R. Nordgren, Joany O. Pinegar, Breanna Anderl, Ashlin Awerkamp, Emily Cook, and Abigail Crimm, who collectively performed a myriad of tasks so that this volume could see the light of day. A special thanks should also be extended to Zakarias D. Gram, who read the entire manuscript at an early stage in the project and helped to significantly reduce the number of infelicities. Additionally, Camille Fronk Olson and Dana M. Pike, the previous and current chair of the Department of Ancient Scripture, deserve thanks for all of their support for this project. Finally, very special thanks go to my wife, Melissa, and our four children, Luke, Grace, Charlotte, and Claire, for all their patience and love during the time in which this project was underway.