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"In proportion to the exercise of our faith do we receive information"

—Lorenzo Snow

Topic: Light of Christ

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    12. The King James Bible and the Joseph Smith Translation


    in the Bible. The process began in 1867 when the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints printed ... of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints , ed. B. H. Roberts, 7 vols. (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, ...

    From The King James Bible and the Restoration

    Chapter 4: Icelandic Descriptions of Daily Life in Spanish Fork and Other Utah Regions


    that it is the 6th of April.” The suggestion that Christ may have been born on April 6, instead of the traditional ... eight hundred and thirty years since the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh.” ...

    From Fire on Ice: The Story of Icelandic Latter-day Saints at Home and Abroad

    10. Mental Health


    to what some consider to be the overburdened lifestyle of members of The Church of Jesus Christ ... no evidence that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints experience depression more often ...

    From Shield of Faith

    Adding and Taking Away “Without a Cause” in Matthew 5:22

    Selected Article

    of our passions, including anger, are ‘wrong.’” [30] This ongoing debate concerning anger and Christ’s ...

    "Great Are the Words of Isaiah"


    for Latter-day Saints. The rabbis have always made fun of the suggestion that he is actually referring to Christ ... and learning” (1 Nephi 19:23). Six hundred years later, Jesus Christ called upon the Nephites to do the same ...

    From Sperry Symposium Classics: The Old Testament

    4. The Temple in Biblical Israel: Kinships of Meaning


    Apparently written by a group of Essenes who lived about 150 years before Christ, the scroll teaches ...

    From Reflections on Mormonism: Judaeo-Christian Parallels

    Chapter 18: Types of Religious Values and Family Cultures


    continues the sanctification of motherhood given by the mother-goddess. “The idea of Christ being ...

    From The Religion and Family Connection: Social Science Perspectives

    Speaking with Purpose and Peace: An Interview with Elain Witt


    Preparation,” “What If I’m Boring?” “Anchor Sermons in Christ,” and “A Testimony of the Task.” Elizabeth ...

    From Volume 9 Number 1, 2008 of The Religious Educator

    Learning by Study and Also by Faith: An Interview with Steven C. Harper


    of Heavenly Father and Christ. As a result of that vision, we understand the nature of God. So I want my ...

    From Volume 10 Number 1, 2009 of The Religious Educator

    Medical Terms Used by Saints in Nauvoo and Winter Quarters, 1839–48


    115–20. [3] Joseph Smith, History of the Church of Jesus Christ ...

    From Volume 10 Number 3, 2009 of The Religious Educator