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"In proportion to the exercise of our faith do we receive information"

—Lorenzo Snow

Topic: Holy Ghost

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    The War in Heaven and Satan’s Continuing Battle for Power


    of light, and holy angel, prior to” his standing in opposition to God (in Journal of Discourses , ...

    From Volume 11 Number 1, 2010 of The Religious Educator

    Berlin Neukölln Branch, Berlin District


    of the destruction, the Christmas tree had remained untouched. They lit the candles and sang “Silent Night, Holy ...

    From In Harm’s Way: East German Latter-day Saints in World War II

    The Early Years, 1805-19


    their profession by a holy walk and Godly conversation agreeable to what I found contained in the sacred depository ...

    From Joseph Smith, the Prophet and Seer

    7. Enlarging the Memory of Mormonism: Historian Andrew Jenson's Tales from the World Tour, 1895-97


    Travels” ends in July 1896, when he departed from the Holy Land to tour the church’s missions in Europe. ...

    From Preserving the History of the Latter-day Saints

    5. Self-Esteem


    the Holy Spirit. Sample questions are “My relationship with God is an important part of my life,” and “I ...

    From Shield of Faith: The Power of Religion in the Lives of LDS Youth and Young Adults

    4. Lehi's Dream and Nephi's Vision as Apocalyptic Literature


    and therefore increased holiness will result in future blessings. Book of Mormon prophets reflect this outlook ...

    From The Things Which My Father Saw: Approaches to Lehi's Dream and Nephi's Vision

    5. The Hindu Experience: An Examination of Folklore and Sacred Texts


    at the Sanskrit University in Benares, the holy city. [3] This is the story that was told him, the story ...

    From Literature of Belief: Sacred Scripture and Religious Experience

    6. History and Jeremiah’s Crisis of Faith


    over such a holy place and merely used it for their own worship. See the article on “Anathoth” ...

    From Isaiah and the Prophets: Inspired Voices from the Old Testament

    Chapter 15: The New Christian Right’s View of the Family and Its Social Science Critics: A Study in Differing Presuppositions


    depression. These enemies of Christian family living “grieve or quench the Holy Spirit and limit His use ...

    From The Religion and Family Connection: Social Science Perspectives

    10. A History of Mormon Catechisms


    with peace and holiness. How could the Father show the world the pathway we should go? He sent his Son ...

    From A Firm Foundation