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    17. Religiosity, Mental Health, and Latter-day Saints: A Preliminary Review of Literature (1923–95)


    pp. 1–13). While some claim that the LDS lifestyle limits women’s freedom and happiness, research ... of women’s employment on the marital happiness of 313 LDS couples. Their study indicated that while LDS men ... wives] there was a significant difference in global marital happiness with traditional homemakers being ...

    From Latter-day Saint Social Life: Social Research on the LDS Church and its Members

    “Peaceable Followers of Christ” in Days of War and Contention


    commented on Mormon’s spiritual capacity: “Your future success and happiness will in large measure ... happiness. His example resonated with his son Moronihah and the rising generation who “did pray unto the Lord ... and happiness are granted unto those who lay hold upon the word of God. Captain Moroni acknowledged ...

    From RE 10, no. 3 (2009) of The Religious Educator

    The Perfect Plan


    remember hearing the terms, plan of salvation, God’s plan of happiness, and plan of redemption. The names ... every aspect of our lives to form a great, perfect plan: God’s plan of happiness for us. To me, the plan ... as recorded in Alma 42, I began seeing the phrases “plan of salvation” (v. 5), “plan of happiness” (v. 8), ...

    From Selections from the 2005 Religious Education Student Symposium

    A Prophet-Statesman: Joseph Smith in the Public Square


    of happiness, but each is responsible for his own sins, crimes, and mistakes (see vv. 32, 38). All men ... a nation in time of conflict (see Alma 62:40). Even during perilous times, people can experience happiness ... and prosperity and happiness of the whole people; but instead of this, I discovered that popular clamor ...

    From Joseph and Hyrum--Leading as One

    Grandparenting and the Eternal Family Pattern


    the order and purpose of the universe and the order and harmony which exists in a happy and good family.” —President Spencer W. Kimball [1] We are the happy parents of seven children and have earned the titles ... bright beam of wise and happy adherence to treasured gospel values. We can leave no doubt that we ...

    From RE 6, no. 2 (2005) of The Religious Educator

    Our Identity and Our Destiny


    Happiness is the purpose and design of existence.” [4] If I were to ask you who is the happiest being in all ... existence. That is why His plan for us is sometimes called “the plan of happiness” (see Alma 42:8, 16). Our ... Pathways to Happiness (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1957), xi. [5] While I was serving as a mission ...

    From Volume 14 Number 1, 2013 of The Religious Educator

    Covenants, Sacraments, and Vows: The Active Pathway to Mercy


    goals and ensures happiness and the feelings of success along the way.” [28] The sacrament parallels ... Prayer,” Ensign, January 1976, 12. [23] David O. McKay, Secrets of a Happy Life, 114–15. [24] David A. ...

    From RE 13, no. 3 (2012) of The Religious Educator

    El élder Tad R. Callister-- Nuestra Identidad y Nuestro Destino

    Pathways to Happiness (Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1957), xi. [5]              Cuando fui presidente de ...

    The Joseph Smith Revelations and the Crisis of Early American Spirituality

    Selected Article

    J. Spencer Fluhman, “The Joseph Smith Revelations and the Crisis of Early American Spirituality,” in The Doctrine and Covenants: Revelations in Context, ed. Andrew H. Hedges, J. Spencer Fluhman, and Alonzo L. Gaskill (Provo and Salt Lake City: Religious S ...

    Kirtland Bibliography


    Kip Sperry, Kirtland, Ohio: A Guide to Family History and Historical Sources (Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2005) 41–162. Kirtland Bibliography “About the Mormons.” Historical Society News 3 (May 1948): 1–2. A brief summ ...

    From Kirtland, Ohio: A Guide to Family History and Historical Sources