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      Baptism               The fourth article of faith of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints declares that “baptism by immersion for the remission of sins” is one of the “first principles and ordinances of the Gospel.” Latter-day Saints believe, as do many Christians, that baptism is an essential ...

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    Baptism for the Dead


      Baptism for the Dead               Baptism for the dead is the proxy performance of the ordinance of baptism for one deceased. Joseph Smith taught, “If we can baptize a man in the name ... of the ordinance of baptism for the dead in the Church was Joseph Smith’s funeral sermon for Seymour Brunson ...

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    The Baptisms of Latter-day Prophets


    Michael D. Taylor, “The Baptisms of Latter-day Prophets,” in  Religious Educator  3, no. 3 (2002): 61–64. The Baptisms of Latter-day Prophets Michael D. Taylor Michael D. Taylor, M.D., ... in Palestine, His first priority was to seek baptism at the hands of an authorized servant of God, one who held ...

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    The Continuous Process of Conversion: An Analysis of the Fourth Article of Faith


    Repentance; third, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, Laying on of hands for the gift ... everyone is in need of the Great Physician. Baptism by Immersion for the Remission of Sins In order to receive the blessings of membership in Christ’s Church, a person must receive the ordinance of baptism ...

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    1. Alive in Christ: the Salvation of Little Children


    the baptism of little children. His letter was a powerful appeal to root out and remove such heresy from among ... the pernicious belief that little children should ever require baptism become an issue amongst the Christian ... Hel. 14:30). The Practice of Infant Baptism Infant baptism is the result of a major doctrinal ...

    From The Book of Mormon: Fourth Nephi Through Moroni, From Zion to Destruction

    Appendix B: A Voice of Warning and Truth


    But this makes it possible to obey the third fundamental principle, which is baptism for the forgiveness of sins ... through baptism. When the apostle Peter, on the day of Pentecost, preached the risen Jesus and lay clear ... will be given those who are not come to the age of accountability. SECOND CHAPTER About Christianity, baptism ...

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    Covenants, Sacraments, and Vows: The Active Pathway to Mercy


    in Religious Educator 13, no. 3 (2012): 205-219. Baptism and confirmation are observable events where we make ... private, and inward witness—immersion in the Spirit, the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost.” [3] Covenant ... promised for keeping covenants. Baptism, the sacrament, and prayer form a succession of spiritual renewals ...

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    The State of the Soul between Death and the Resurrection

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    the path to that tree. The gate to the path is faith, repentance, and baptism. In the justice of God, baptism in mortal life is required for entrance to that path (2 Nephi 31:9,17). The Prophet Joseph taught ... it cannot pass.... Upon the same principle do I contend that baptism is a sign ordained of God, ...

    A Comparison of Book of Mormon, Bible, and Traditional Teachings on the Doctrines of Salvation

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    baptism and belief in the words of Christ than the Gospel of Matthew does. He notes that “in the Matthean ... consider baptism as an illustration. The word baptism is not found in the Old Testament, and most refuse ... of Mormon is most explicit on this matter. Baptism is essential to salvation. Nephi tells us that Christ ...

    8. The Consequential Dimension of Mormon Reigiosity


    different for converts. Their period of greatest risk is during the first five years following baptism (see ... of the young apostles from America. Convert baptisms in Britain reached almost 35,000 in the 1840s and almost 45,000 in the 1850s. This was followed by a precipitous decline to the point of just 3,700 baptisms ...

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