Later Petitions

Clark V. Johnson, ed., Mormon Redress Petitions: Documents of the 1833–1838 Missouri Conflict, (Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1992), 683–689.



March 5th 1845

to Sophia Aldridge the widow of Uzzial Stevens Uzzial Stevenses losses persecutions exterminations &c in Missouri

The loss of Property in Jackson co Lands Privations and driven &c$3,000.00
from Clay co driven losses of Houses and land Persecution and Privations &c3,000.00
Extermiation of his widow from the state and &c3,000.00
Interest from 1833 to the time paid at 10 [per] Cent 
Sophia Stevens now married to William Aldridge 

Sophia Aldridge

[Not sworn.]



Nauvoo March 5th 1845

From 18 William Aldridges grievances in Missouri From 1833 to first the Loss of Property in Jackson co and extermination &c$3,000.00
Driven from Clay co to caldwell co Difficulties & persecutions2,000.00
As a freeborn american citizen having fought for my liberty in the last War with Great Britain as a bold soldier and then to be exterminated from the state of Missouri from Caldwell co privations losses lands persecutions &c10,000.00

Interest from 1833 to the time it shall be paid at 10 [per] Cent

William Aldridge

[Not sworn.]

BALDWIN, Caleb et al.


State of Illinois, Hancock county. SS.

Personally appeared before Ebenezer Robinson, a notary public within and for said county, the undersigned citizens of said county, who being first severally duly sworn according to law upon said oath, depose and say that the said affiants were citizens and residents of Caldwell county, and the adjoining counties in the State of Missouri during the years A.D. 1837, 1838, and a part of A.D. 1839; that said affiants were personally conversant with, and sufferers in the scenes and troubles usually denominated the Mormon war in Missouri. That Governor Boggs, the acting executive officer of said State, together with Major General Atchison and Brigadier General Doniphan, and also the authorities of the counties within which the Mormons resided, repeatedly by direct and public orders and threats, commanded every Mormon in the State, Joseph Smith their leader included, to leave the State on peril of being exterminated; that the arrest of said Smith in the month of November, A.D. 1838, was made without authority, color or pretended sanction of law; said arrest having been made by a mob, by which said Smith, among others, was condemned to be shot; but which said sentence was finally revoked, said mob resolving itself into a pretended court of justice without the pretended sanction of law, then and there made out the charges and procured the pretended conviction for the same which are mentioned in the indictment against the said Smith, by virtue of which he, said Smith, on the requisition of the executive of Missouri, has been recently arrested by the order of His Excellency Thomas Ford, Governor of the State of Illinois.

Said affiants further state that they were imprisoned with the said Joseph Smith when they and the said Smith were delivered into the hands of a guard to be conducted out of the State of Missouri, and by said guard by the order and direction of the authorities of said counties, where said Mormons were arrested and confined, and by order of the Governor of the State of Missouri, were set at large, with directions to leave the State without delay. That said Joseph Smith and said affiants were compelled to leave the State for the reasons above mentioned, and would not, and did not leave said State for any other cause or reason than that they were ordered and driven from the State of Missouri by the Governor and citizens thereof, and further say not








[Sworn to before E. Robinson, N.P., Hancock Co., IL, 7 Jul 1843.]


RIPLEY, Alanson

SMITH, Joseph, Jr.

JSC [2]

State of Illisnois Hancock County

Personally came before Ebenezer Robinson a notary public in and for said County Caleb Baldwin who being sworn says that after the arrests of himself and others as mentioned in the fore-going affidavit he went to Judge Austin A. King and asked Judge King to grant him a fair trial at law saying that with the result of such a trial he would be satisfied-but Judge King answered that “there was no law for the Mormons”-that “they must be exterminated”-that the prisoners, this deponent Smith and others, must die but that same people, as women and children, would have the privilege of leaving the State but there was no hope for them He told Judge King that his family composed of helpless females had been plundered and driven out into the prairie and asked Judge King what he should do, to which Judge King answered that if he would renounce his religion and forsake Smith he would be released and protected, that the same offer was made to the other prisoners all of whom however refused to do so and were in reply told that they would be put to death. Alanson Ripley being in like manner sworn says that the same offer was made to him by Mr Birch the prosecuting attorney, that if he would forsake the mormons he should be released and Restored to his home and suffer to remain; to which he returned an answer similar to that of Mr Baldwin-Joseph Smith being in like manner Sworn says, that he and Mr Baldwin were chained togeather at the time of the conversation above recited by Mr Baldwin, which conversation he heard and which is correctly stated above, but that no such offer was made to him it being understood as certain that he was to be shot

Joseph Smith

Caleb Baldwin

Alanson Ripley.

[Sworn to before E. Robinson, N.P., Hancock Co., IL, 7 Jul 1843.]

CALL, Anson


Losses in Missouri in Caldwell & Clinton and Ray counties.

Lands & goods in clinton county 10,000 ten thousand dolls,

In Land & goods in caldwell 5000, five Thousand dolls

property in Ray 500 five hundred dolls.

Nauvoo, Febr 20, 1845Anson Call

[Not sworn]

CHAPMAN, Welcome and Susan A.


City of Joseph May 25, 1845

Loss sustained by the inhabitent of Missourie during the oppressi[on] of the Laterday Saints Suffered from the above named inhabitents in the Latter end of the year Eighteen hundred and thirty Eight

One broad cloth coat$12.00
one pernell vest3.00
Three wollen carsey Blankets12.00
One calico bed quilt3.00
Four cotton and wool blankets8.00
Two woollen bed Blankets2.50
One lennen Sheat1.00
one razer0.75
Two tin pales0.50
one shoe hammer0.75
Calf skin20.00
For sundries2.75
Fouling gun9.00
For loss of time Distress of famely trouble of removing450.00

Welcome Chapman

Susan A. Chapman

[Not sworn.]



Bill of damages sustaned in the State of Missourie in consequenc Boggs ext[ermin]ating order

loss in land$650.00
time and expences300.00
Nauvoo Feb. 13th 1845T B Foot

[Not sworn.]



I hereby certify that I Hannah Holbrook which was Hannah Flint in Missouri was through the general persecutions in Davis and Caldwell counties that I sustained losses of the following kind viz. in Clinton county of a claim of lands of 100 acres situated on Grand river of the choicest Lands in that section of country, worth $500 and Also 80 acres in Ray county of Deeded Lands worth $1,000 and also many other Losses of different kinds

Nauvoo Feb. 19–1845-Hannah Holbrook

[Not sworn.]



January 22ond 1845

This is a true list of property lost by the Subscriber in the State of Mousourie by the Mob in 1838 & 39

One Farm worth Five hundred Dollars

One rifle gun Fifteen Dollars

7 head of hogs ten dollars

the lose of time fore hundred and Sevinty five dollers

John Mackley

[Not sworn.]

PRINDLE, Roswell


State of Missouri Dr To Roswell Prindle.

To driving & mobbing from Jackson Co. Mo. 1834$500.00
To mobbing in Clay Co. & loss of 40 acres of land 1837500.00
To mobbing in Caldwell in 1838 loss of 138 acres Land1,500.00
To loss of 160 acres of Land in Clinton Co1,500.00
To driving from the state by Gov Boggs exterminating order & exposure consequent theron entirely destroying his health1,000.00
Nauvoo March 19 1845.Roswell Prindle

[Not sworn.]

RISHARDS, Phinehas


Amount of property destroyed sacrafised in the Missouri persecution.

State of Missouri to Phinehas Rishards Dr

to nineteen volumn Books$27.00
to Manuscrips & pamphlets7.00
Carpenter tools9.50
Tainer tools59.87
Missolanious articles122.72
to ploom Milatary2.50
to Clothing and shoes30.00
to pemil brushes &c2.49

Nauvoo January 1st 1844

furnished by request.

[Not sworn.]



Nauvoo January 29th 1845

State of Misouri to John Telford Dr

to a house, hay, and other property, left in concequence of being driven by a mob from the county of Carrol, in September 1838200.00
to loss of time and traveling expences from Carrol to Howard50.00
to loss of time ocasioned by sickness brought on by exposure50.00
to a Doctor bill november 183850.00
to traveling expences and loss of time when driven by a mob from Howard County Nov 9th 183850.00
to building a house, making rails, fencing and other improvements Done on a farm in Monroe County which I was oblidged to leave in complyance with the order of Governer Boggs on the 8th of April 1839200.00
to traveling expences and loss of time in leaving the stateof Misouri in the Spring of 1839100.00
to damagages in concequence of being drven from the State1,000.00

John Telford

[Sworn to before W. Richards, City Recorder, Nauvoo, IL, 27 Jan 1845.]



Nauvoo Hancock Co Ill Febuary the 21 1845

Bill of the loss of property in Misouri by lawless moroders also unhumanly dispeled from the state while under the aflictions of a fit of sickness and deprived of all the rights of men which I claim as my Just and lawful right to geather with the loss of property loss in lumber property and crops and in neat stock five hundred dolars also the losses and drivings of Caroline Pew from Jackson County to Illinois who is now my wif five hundred dolars

John [W] Tippets

[Not sworn.]


[1] 7 Jul 1843

[2] Also found in JH 7 Jul 1843