The Writings of Abraham

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Episode 89: The Writings of Abraham
Kerry Muhlestein
October 2023

In July 1835, members of the Church donated money to acquire four Egyptian mummies and a collection of papyrus scrolls from a traveling exhibition. Through revelation, the Prophet Joseph Smith identified that one scroll contained “the writings of Abraham.” But what do we know about the history and context of the papyri? How was it translated? Why was it important for God to reveal the history of Abraham? In this episode, Professor Kerry Muhlestein, an Egyptologist and Abrahamic scholar, discusses his recent book Let’s Talk about the Book of Abraham. He highlights stories of the Book of Abraham, examines the common criticism of authenticity and translation of the papyri, and offers ways to examine the divine text on our own. 


Let’s Talk About the Book of Abraham (Deseret Book, 2022)

A Guide to the Book of Abraham (BYU Studies, 2023)

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