Mental Health and Latter-day Saints

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Episode 87: Mental Health and Latter-day Saints
Justin Dyer
September 2023

Do members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have better, the same, or worse mental health when compared to members of other religions, or those of no religion? Despite some popular narratives, what does peer-reviewed academic research find? In this episode, professor Justin Dyer takes us into what the collective scholarly publications between 2005-2022 have to say on this important subject, and the reasons why more active Latter-day Saints tend to have better mental health. 


“Religion, Mental Health, and the Latter-Day Saints: A Review of Literature 2005–2022” (Religions, 2023)

“Perspective: What 18 years of research tells us about the mental health of Latter-day Saints” (Deseret News, 2023)

“Perspective: Faith is a factor in good mental health. Why are so many people unable to see this?” (Deseret News, 2023)

“Choosing Christ’s Light Burden” (BYU Devotional, 2023)

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