The Saints of Las Vegas

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Episode 82: The Saints of Las Vegas
Fred Woods
June 2023

The city of Las Vegas is known for its casinos, but there is also something to be said for its communities of Saints. In the mid-1800s this city was a hub for Latter-day Saints and others traveling from California to Utah. Today, a temple stands in Las Vegas with a second one on its way. In this episode, Professor Fred Woods takes us through the history of this vibrant religious community, and how Latter-day Saints have lived, worshiped, and influenced the culture of Las Vegas for good.


Bright Lights in the Desert: The Latter-day Saints of Las Vegas (University of Nevada Press, 2023). 

Bright Lights in The Desert: The Latter-day Saints of Las Vegas (BYU TV documentary video) 

Bright lights in the desert: How Latter-day Saints have shaped Las Vegas culture, community, and politics” (LDS Living, 2023)

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