Holiness to the Lord

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Episode 75: Holiness to the Lord
Gaye Strathearn
March 2023

In many cities around the world, the temple stands as a symbol of Christ and the purity and spiritual growth He offers. But how can we access that purifying power for ourselves—and why is it such an important goal? Professor Gaye Strathearn, who currently serves as an Associate Dean of BYU Religious Education, takes us metaphorically up Mount Sinai and into the mountain of the Lord—the temple—to discuss ways that God and Christ can purify and prepare a holy people.


“Holiness to the Lord’ and Personal Temple Worship” in Approaching Holiness: Exploring the History and Teachings of the Old Testament (2021, RSC).  Click the following link to get a full copy of the full text of the original article: “‘Holiness to the Lord’ and Personal Temple Worship” in The Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament (2009)

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