Refugee Treatment under the Mosaic Law

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Episode 61: Refugee Treatment under the Mosaic Law
Krystal Pierce
August 2022

The Law of Moses gives divine direction for how God’s covenant people should care for displaced refugees, foreigners, and strangers, who are referred to in the Bible as ‘gēr.’ In this episode, Dr. Krystal Pierce of BYU’s Ancient Scripture Department shares her published research on the teachings and narratives in the Old Testament and Book of Mormon related to what are commonly called the “Gēr Laws,” and discusses ways in which we can apply those teachings as covenant people today. 


The Gēr in the Pentateuch and the Book of Mormon: Refugee Treatment under the Mosaic Law” in Approaching Holiness: Exploring the History and Teachings of the Old Testament (RSC/Deseret Book, 2021)

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