The Gethsemane Grotto

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Episode 58: The Gethsemane Grotto
Matthew Grey
June 2022

The events recorded in the gospels took place in the Garden of Gethsemane are sacred to our faith. Although we can envision the olive trees of the garden, where did they press its oil, from which the translated word “Gethsemane” derives? Thanks to archeological research, including some by BYU ancient scripture professor Matthew Grey, there are possible answers.  In this episode Dr. Grey discusses research on the Gethsemane grotto and explores potential reasons why this location matters.   


Olive Processing and Ritual Purity in the ‘Place of the Oil Press’: Reexamining the 1st Century Features and Functions of Jerusalem’s Gethsemane Grotto” in To Explore the Land of Canaan: Studies in Biblical Archaeology in Honor of Jeffrey R. Chadwick (De Gruyter, 2022)

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