Dating Jesus Christ’s Birth and Death

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Episode 50: Dating Jesus Christ’s Birth and Death
Jeff Chadwick
February 2022

April 6th is commonly taught by Latter-day Saints to be Jesus’s birth date.  Some Church leaders, however, have explored other options, saying the date “is not a settled issue.” In this episode, Professor Jeff Chadwick discusses his publications that academically explore the dates of Jesus Christ’s birth and death, highlighting important aspects of our faith that arise from dating theses scriptural events.  


Dating Scripture Events: A Trilogy of Articles from BYU Studies Quarterly (BYU Studies, 2019)

Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ” (BYU Studies, 2010)

Dating the Death of Jesus Christ” (BYU Studies, 2015)

Dating the Departure of Lehi from Jerusalem” (BYU Studies, 2018)

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