Understanding Joseph Smith’s Bible Translation

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Episode 49: Understanding Joseph Smith’s Bible Translation
Jared Ludlow
February 2022

In the summer of 1830, the Prophet Joseph Smith began an audacious undertaking: to translate the Holy Bible.  But what was this Bible “translation”? Was he reading from other languages? Was he restoring the Bible text to its earliest condition? Was it an inspired commentary? Is the JST canonized scripture? And, did Joseph ever finish the complete translation? In this episode, Dr. Jared Ludlow shares his recent publications tackling these questions and more.


The Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible: Ancient Material Restored or Inspired Commentary? Canonical or Optional? Finished or Unfinished?” (BYU Studies, 2021)

“'Enoch Walked with God and He was Not': Where Did Enoch Go After Genesis?” (The Interpreter Foundation, 2020)

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