A Relational Approach to the Plan of Salvation

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Episode 104: A Relational Approach to the Plan of Salvation
Brian Mead
May 2024

In his October 2021 general conference talk President Ballard expressed, “We must always remember that our true happiness depends upon our relationship with God, with Jesus Christ, and with each other.” How do we build and shape these relationships? In this episode assistant professor of Church history and doctrine Brian Mead discusses his article “The Important Role of Relationships in Our Heavenly Father’s Plan of Salvation.” Dr. Mead defines doctrinal and relational approaches to the Plan of Salvation and examines how they strengthen our understanding of eternal relationships. Further, he addresses how using a relational approach to teach the Plan of Salvation aids in answering a number of why questions: Why do we need a mortal experience? Why must we repent? Why do we need a Savior? Such an approach builds upon our personal understanding and connections to our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, family, and others. 




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