Appendix: Lake County Records

Kip Sperry, Kirtland, Ohio: A Guide to Family History and Historical Sources (Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2005) 219–224.

Kirtland TempleKirtland Temple, ca. 1912. Detail of Melchizedek Priesthood west pulpits showing initials, lower auditorium (lower assembly room). Courtesy of L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

Kip Sperry

NINETEENTH-CENTURY LAKE COUNTY, OHIO, RECORDS are listed below. These records are available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and may be loaned to Family History Centers. Family History Library microfilm numbers may be obtained from the online Family History Library Catalog (www or on CD-ROM. [1]

Lake County Deeds, Grantee Index, 1798–1840. Card file at Lake County Historical Society, Kirtland Hills, Ohio. Card index begins before Lake County was formed.

Lake County. Board of County Commissioners. Minutes, 1840–1900.

Lake County. Board of Equalization. Minutes, 1852–1900.

Lake County. County Assessor. Returns of Personal Property, Moneys and Credits, Assessed, 1849–1861.

Lake County. County Auditor. Assessment of Real Property, 1859, 1870.

Lake County. County Auditor. Bond Book, 1840–1904.

Lake County. County Auditor. Record of Lists of Taxable Property in the Several Townships of Lake County for 1843–1846, 1852–1853.

Lake County. County Auditor. School Accounts, 1840–1906.

Lake County. County Auditor. Treasurer’s Tax Duplicates, 1840–1871.

Lake County. County Recorder. Deeds, 1840–1950.

Lake County. County Recorder. List of Personal Property, 1840. Records are arranged by name of locality and then by first letter of surname.

Lake County. County Recorder. Plat Books, 1852–1951.

Lake County. County Recorder. Record of Transfers for the Duplicate List, 1840–1878.

Lake County. County Treasurer. List of Lands, Town Lots, Personal Property, Money and Credits, Returned Delinquent by the Treasurer of Lake County for the Taxes of 1847–1872.

Lake County. Probate Judge. Record of Births and Deaths, 1867–1908.

Lake County. School Board. School Enumeration Records, 1842.

Lake County Sheriff. Sheriff’s Returns, 1840–1885.

Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Lake County). Appearance Docket, 1853–1871.

Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Lake County). Common Pleas Chancery Record, 1840–1852.

Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Lake County). Court Records, 1840–1883.

Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Lake County). Criminal Record, 1840–1877.

Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Lake County). Execution Docket, 1840–1872.

Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Lake County). Journal, 1840–1881. [2]

Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Lake County). Jury Book, 1853–1891.

Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Lake County). Record of Bonds, 1840–1861.

Ohio. District Court (Lake County). Court Records, 1845–1884. Includes court journals, law records, chancery records, and court dockets (years vary).

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Civil Dockets, 1853–1916.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Court Records, 1840–1856.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Final Records in Estates of Deceased Persons, 1843–1903.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Marriage records, 1840–1955.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Ministers’ License Record, 1846–1885.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Naturalization Records, 1860–1906.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Probate Records, 1840–1860.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Probate Records, 1840–1899.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Probate Journal, 1852–1879.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Probate Records, 1886–1902.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Real Estate Records, 1840–1890.

Includes records of actions concerning land involved in probate.

Ohio. Probate Court (Lake County). Will Records, 1853–1896.

Ohio. Supreme Court (Lake County). Court Records, 1840–1882.

Ohio. Supreme Court (Lake County). Supreme Court Record, 1841–1849.

Smythe, Charles B. Charles B. Smythe Docket, 1838–1842.

Charles B. Smythe was the justice o f the peace o f Lake County.


[1] Many Lake County genealogical and historical records are also on microfilm at the Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah; Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, Ohio; Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio; and other repositories.

[2] See especially volume J, 1879–80, 432–35, FHL microfilm 885,075. In addition to Common Pleas Journal Volume J, this microfilm contains loose papers, petitions, correspondence, and newspaper clippings pertaining to the suit over the ownership of the Kirtland Temple by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.