Diversifying and Deepening Expertise at the RSC

Scott C. Esplin

“Brigham Young University is primarily a religious institution,” President David O. McKay told the campus community in 1937. “It was established for the sole purpose of associating . . . the facts of science, art, literature, and philosophy [with] the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” The Religious Studies Center at BYU has recently taken this charge to heart, seeking to incorporate the broad view of truth within its mission to encourage, sponsor, and publish serious, faithful, gospel-related materials.

To aid in this task, a review board has been constituted. Scholars from a variety of backgrounds have been invited to assist in the solicitation and selection of manuscripts. While content will continue to undergo blind peer review, the board will help identify qualified reviewers as well as aid in the center’s overall direction. Furthermore, board members will represent the center and its mission to their constituents.

The following individuals have generously agreed to serve on the board:

Julie K. Allen, BYU, Comparative Arts and Letters

Phil Allred, BYU–Idaho, Religious Education

Gerrit Dirkmaat, BYU, Church History and Doctrine

Shawn Healey, Seminaries and Institutes

Amy Hoyt, independent scholar

Kerry Hull, BYU, Ancient Scripture

R. Devan Jensen, BYU Religious Studies Center

Jennifer C. Lane, BYU–Hawaii, Religious Education (retired); BYU, Maxwell Institute

Chelom Leavitt, BYU, School of Family Life

Kim Matheson, independent scholar

Liel Maala, Church History Department

Paul Murphy, Priesthood and Family Department

Cameron Packer, Seminaries and Institutes

Joany O. Pinegar, BYU Religious Studies Center

Jennifer Reeder, Church History Department

Becky Roesler, BYU–Idaho, Music

Gaylamarie Rosenberg, independent scholar

Adam Smith, Seminaries and Institutes

John C. Thomas, BYU–Idaho, Religious Education

Gerrit van Dyk, BYU, Harold B. Lee Library

Additionally, the university has announced the appointment of Jared W. Ludlow, professor of ancient scripture at BYU, to serve as the new RSC publications director. He will be assisted by Michael A. Goodman, an associate professor of Church history and doctrine, as associate publications director.

We are grateful for the consecrated service provided by the board and staff of the Religious Studies Center, as well as the faith-promoting content produced by its authors. We hope its products will accomplish the charge delivered by President McKay. “Teachers in the Church university are free to associate with scientific truths the revealed word of God. Thus all facts may be viewed by the students not through the green glass of prejudice or doubt, but in the clear sunlight of truth.”

Scott C. Esplin

Outgoing RSC publications director