Faculty and Staff Notes


Shon R. Hopkin and Tyler J. Griffin began serving as chair and associate chair of the Department of Ancient Scripture.

Alexander L. Baugh was reappointed for another year as chair of the Department of Church History and Doctrine. Anthony R. Sweat will continue as associate chair.

Daniel L. Belnap, Frank F. Judd Jr., and Gaye Strathearn were advanced to the rank of professor.

Gerrit Dirkmaat, Nicholas J. Frederick, and Greg Wilkinson received continuing faculty status and were advanced to the rank of associate professor.

Mark D. Ellison, Jan Martin, and Avram R. Shannon were granted candidacy for continuing faculty status.

Krystal V. L. Pierce was hired as an assistant professor of ancient scripture.

Ryan H. Sharp was hired as an assistant teaching professor of ancient scripture.

Eric D. Huntsman began serving as the director of the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies.

Kerry Muhlestein will join John Hilton III in representing BYU Religious Education on the Faculty Advisory Council.


Amy Easton-Flake won the Mormon History Association’s best article on women’s history for her article “Poetic Representations of Mormon Women in Late Nineteenth-Century Frontier America,” in Representing Rural Women, ed. Margaret Thomas-Evans and Whitney Womack Smith (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2019), 125–43.

Charles Swift’s article “‘The Lord Slayeth the Wicked:’ Coming to Terms with Nephi Killing Laban,” Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 28 (2019): 137–69, was nominated to receive the 2020 John Whitmer Historical Association’s Best Theological Article Award.


Terry B. Ball, Brian M. Hauglid, and Craig James Ostler retired.