RSC Website

A Worldwide Tool

Brent R. Nordgren

Since its debut three years ago, the Religious Studies Center (RSC) website has become a successful tool for researchers, teachers, scholars, historians, educators, and members of the Church all around the world. People from almost 150 countries have viewed the site during the last thirty days. People who visited the site are from countries as far away as Barbados, Kenya, India, Russia, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Fiji, Zimbabwe, Micronesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Morocco, Tunisia, and many more. After the United States, Brazil is the country with the next most visitors, followed by Great Britain. When you combine countries, Spanish-speaking countries come in second behind English-speaking countries.

Since visitors from the United States visit the site more often than any other country, let’s examine the top ten states that visit the RSC site:

1. Utah

2. California

3. Texas

4. Arizona

5. Idaho

6. Florida

7. Washington

8. New York

9. North Carolina

10. Colorado

The top five states make sense geographically because they are somewhat close neighbors to Utah and the Mormons settled significant areas in each of these states, except Texas. However, the next four are more puzzling. Three of the four are eastern coastal states, on the far edge of the United States. The other (Washington) is positioned as far northwest as possible.

All of this statistical data simply suggests that many people are taking advantage of the great features offered on of the RSC site. For example, almost every book produced by the Religious Studies Center for the last thirty-six years is available online. Almost every Religious Educator produced over the past eleven years is available online. Every BYU Religious Education Review magazine is available online. The site also gives information concerning upcoming events, such as conferences and symposia. It also provides information about every book we’ve published and upcoming books we are about to publish.

A number of people have sent e-mails letting us know that they are indeed using the site and are grateful for it. The RSC website is a resource an increasing number of people are finding useful as they study the gospel, prepare to give a lesson, prepare to give a talk, or seek to answer important gospel questions. To many it is a successful tool used all over the world. To others it is still one of the best-kept secrets. It is time to share the secret so others can discover this powerful tool.