Religious Education by the Numbers

Terry B. Ball, Dean of Religious Education

Terry B. Ball, Dean of Religious Education

Our Religious Education faculty is a remarkable group of gifted gospel teachers and dedicated disciple-scholars who are devoted to the Restoration and deeply committed to the mission of Brigham Young University. I would like to share some statistical information about our faculty that might help our friends and readers become better acquainted with this exceptional group of women and men who have devoted their careers to gospel teaching and scholarship. Below is a brief description of Religious Education by the numbers.

Number of full-time faculty: 68 (2010)
 Full professors: 38 (56%)
 Associate professors: 23 (34%)
 Assistant professors: 7 (10%)
Age (2010)
 Oldest: 77
 Youngest: 31
 Average: 55
 Average age at hire: 40.5
 Average age at retire: 67.3
Average years employed at BYU at retirement: 17.9 years
Current longest tenure: 50 years
Number of grandchildren: 475-plus (6.6-plus grandchildren per faculty member)
Tabernacle Choir members (last 5 years): 6.6%
Former or current mission presidents: 14.8%
Teaching (2010)
 Students taught: 24,838
 Courses offered: 39
 Classes taught: 470
 Average class size: 67
Scholarship (2010)
 Books: 20
 Journal articles: 42
 Chapters in books: 39
 Electronic (CDs, DVDs, Web): 54
Professional presentations: 111
Number of students mentored in research: 208
Symposia sponsored (last 5 years): 35

What these numbers cannot reflect is the remarkable contributions that each of these wonderful educators makes towards accomplishing the mission of Religious Education: “The mission of Religious Education at Brigham Young University is to assist individuals in their efforts to come unto Christ by teaching the scriptures, doctrine, and history of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ through classroom instruction, gospel scholarship, and outreach to the larger community.” I consider it a blessing and a privilege to work with such faithful and gifted individuals.

Terry Ball

Terry B. Ball
Dean of Religious Education