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Prophet of the Jubilee

Translated and Edited by Ronald D. Dennis

Volume Ten in the Religious Studies Center Specialized Monograph Series

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To Captain Dan Jones

He is a regular Welshman; having waged war once, nothing but a thorough victory will do for him. And you know of the war he has waged with the kingdom of darkness in Wales. No one, as yet, can describe to you the wonderful success of his courage and wisdom. The gates of hell, throughout Wales, have made him the object of their arrows, but the little champion of the cross of Christ, with the armour of the gospel, clothed with the salvation of God, returns heaven's ammunition to meet the arrows of hell with such power that the very gates of darkness begin to shake.

William Howells to Orson Spencer, 11 May 1848 Millennial Star, 1 June 1848, p. 175


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