Lectures to be delivered

Ronald D. Dennis, trans. and ed., Defending the Faith: Early Welsh Missionary Publications (Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2003).

J26 [JONES, Dan.] Traddodir darlithiau gan Capt. Jones, yn Neuadd y Saint, Heol Orange, Abertawy. (Lectures to be delivered by Capt. Jones, in the Saints’ Hall, Orange Street, Swansea.) Swansea: Printed by D. Jones, [1854].

4 pp. 17.3 cm. Welsh Mormon Writings 86.

The lectures mentioned in the title of this publication were to begin Tuesday evening, 9 January 1855, at seven o’clock. A series of seven lectures is listed on the first page, all to be given on successive Tuesday evenings until 20 February 1855. The topics were the “Anti-Christ” and his various attributes.

A number of other topics are listed on the following page. These were to be addressed as a continuation of those previously mentioned, also on Tuesday evenings. The remainder of Lectures to be delivered is identical, except for nine omitted lines, with Invitation! (J21), printed several weeks before.

Lectures to be delivered also contains information concerning other meetings held in Swansea, the new Church headquarters in Wales. Meetings in Welsh were held every Sunday at 11:00 and 7:00; meet­ings in English were scheduled for Sundays at 2:00 and 6:00, and for Thursday evenings at 7:00.








To begin at 7:00 o’clock Tuesday night, January 9th, 1855, and to continue weekly until further notice, on the following topics:—

LECTURE I. Antichrist—Who he is,—his ancestry,—his birth, and his beginning.

LECTURE II. (Jan. 16.) His treacherous purposes,—his plans, and the most notable features of his character.

LECTURE III. (Jan. 23.) His armies,—his generals,—his weapons of war, together with an account of several of his victories.

LECTURE IV. (Jan. 30.) Variety and shrewdness of his assaults.

LECTURE V. (Feb. 6.) His trial before the High Court,— his sentence,—his binding, and his imprisonment.

LECTURE VI. (Feb. 13.) His liberation,—his innumerable armies,—who they will be,—his last great battle, and his fall.

LECTURE VII. (Feb. 20.) His execution,—his burial, and desintegrative fate,—his generals, and all his armies.

Also, the foregoing will be followed with weekly lectures on the following topics:—Personal second coming of the Son of Man to the earth.—How he will come.—For what purposes he will come.—The indicative signs of, and the advance preparations for his coming, togeth­er with a chronology of his coming.

The Millennium.—How it will begin.—The renewal of the earth, and the resurrection to life:—Inhabitants of the world in the Millennium.—There will be resurrected Saints.—Transformed Saints.—Godly ones in an immortal state,—in a married and a child-bearing state,—with relatives, friends, and acquaintances, and there will be Pagans there also.—Activities and enjoyment of the various inhab­itants during the Thousand Years.—Descent of primitive Zion.—The City of Enoch,—the ‘Heavenly Jerusalem’ from heaven to earth,—its inhabitants, its glory, and its immutability.—The resurrection to judg­ment.—Destruction of the ungodly.—Desintegration of the earthly elements.—The new heaven and the new earth, pure and eternal, and what the “Eternal Life” which will be enjoyed by its inhabitants will contain.

Lectures will also be delivered on great Babylon of the last days,—who is she, her character and her fall,—how and when it will be. The return of the Jews to Palestine,—building of Jerusalem, and other Cities in Judea:—Second visit of their Savior to them when in their final dis­tress,—their recognition of Him,—their belief in Him, and their great joy in Him.

An account of the main notable features of life, and the martyr­dom of Joseph Smith and his brother, because of their religion, while in prison awaiting their trial, (by one who was there,) and refutations of the false accusations published and proclaimed against their character. Mission of the “Prophet Mormon,”—Is it scriptural and logical?—Is it divine, or where is it from?

Who those are who are called “False prophets of the latter days,” and how they may be recognized.

Proofs of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, together with an account of its beginning,—its contents,—its usefulness,—its dis­covery, and its translation, and whether there are scriptural prophecies concerning it.—Does it disagree or agree with the Bible? &c.—

That the present enjoyment of revelations, spiritual gifts, and miracles are scriptural teachings, logical, and factual.

N.B. There is also a ser­mon in Welsh every Sunday at 11:00 o’clock in the morning, and at 7:00 in the evening, and English at 2:00 and at 6:00 every Sunday, and at 7:00 every Thursday night there, on the following subjects, where we desire to see the reader come to hear for himself, for,—

Dear Reader,—Know that you must stand before the judgment bar of God! Remember that your works will establish your fate in the world to come! Believe an experienced friend saying that only the enjoyment of the true religion will bring you happiness in this world and in eternity; and for your immortal soul, believe the testimony of a truthful witness, that the following are principles of the only divine religion that is or ever has been in the world.

Do not let the influence of a false religion excite your emotions to cast this sincere ‘Invitation’ from your hand; for it is an irrefutable truth that God has spoken from the heavens what you must do to be saved. If you do all other things that every sect commands, and all you consider to be your duty, and neglect to do the following prescribed divine things, you will not be saved. Eternal life is not, nor ever has been promised except only by obeying every word that proceedeth from the mouth of the Lord, whatever that word may be. He must receive complete obedience, from the heart, to every commandment He gives. The religions of those who change one jot or one tittle of the com­mandments of Jesus Christ cannot be divine even if all human wisdom professes them, praises them, or makes any other claim to the contrary; consequently, for the sake of your eternal salvation do not be charmed into believing them. Furthermore, if every preacher, author and editor, atheist, and drunkard, yes, even if the whole world joined together to claim that the following teachings are deceit, do not believe them, lest you deprive yourself of the true religion, rebel against God, and lose your soul because of so doing. Come then, to the place indicated below, despite every opposition, and insist on hearing for yourself, for you will be judged for your own mind, and for yourself you must die, and live or die again for eternity; come to listen for yourself, and you can hear that the scriptural, logical truths, divinely proved to you yourself are:—

That an Angel from heaven has come to earth with a message for all its inhabitants, which contains clear and correct instructions as to how to receive forgiveness of sins and salvation.

That it is impossible for any religion to be divine unless its possessor enjoys direct revelations himself.

Faith in the testimony of living witnesses to believe in the existence of God the Father, in the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of his Son Jesus Christ to heaven, as our abundant Redeemer, to believe and obey all his commandments, and to believe also in the powerful work­ings of his Holy Spirit according to his promises.

Repentance from all evil, and a determination to keep from all things that are contrary to the law of God.

Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, and that this is the only ordinance established by Christ to obtain forgiveness.

The present enjoyment of the gift of the Holy Ghost by the lay­ing on of hands of the Elders,—as a witness of the Spirit of God’s approval,—prophecy,—speaking in unknown tongues,—interpretation of tongues,—receiving visions, and healing the faithful sick by the laying on of hands and the prayer of faith, and receiving all necessary revelations for salvation.

A complete apostasy of the whole world from the purity of the gos­pel, and its deprivation of the Kingdom of God for ages.

A complete restoration of the Kingdom of God to the earth, in its offices, ordinances, teachings, discipline and blessings as established by Jesus Christ its Head, which is proved by hundreds of thousands of witnesses throughout the world, by several thousands throughout Wales, and some in your midst.

The gathering of the children of God together to the place on the earth appointed by Him, to be taught more precisely in the law of the Lord, to build Zion, and to be delivered from the diseases, the plagues, and wars that are already beginning throughout the world, the famines, earthquakes, contentions, and the frightful destruction that is at the door, and which will come like vengeance of the Almighty on the dis­graceful refusers of this gospel, &c., &c.

Reader! come, we repeat, and hear for yourself, so that you may be able to judge these truths, understand them, obey them, and enjoy their promises youself.

We have a variety of pamphlets on all the above principles, &c., which are available in the “Zion’s Trumpet” Office, Swansea, for vari­ous prices, and also refutations that will satisfy every honest man, to the false accusations that are proclaimed about us and our religion, as far as we have seen, which can be obtained through the post by pre-payment, or by inquiring of the Saints.