Books for sale

Ronald D. Dennis, trans. and ed., Defending the Faith: Early Welsh Missionary Publications (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2003).

O3 DANIELS, Daniel. Llyfrau ar werth. (Books for sale.) Swansea: D. Daniels, Zion’s Trumpet Office, [1857].

2 pp. 16.5 cm.

This book list is identical to the list bound with Orson Pratt’s Breniniaeth y dyddiau diweddaf (Latter-day kingdom), published in 1857 in Swansea (Welsh Mormon Writings, item 107). It did not surface as a separate item, however, until after the publication of Welsh Mormon Writings.

All previous volumes of Zion’s Trumpet are listed for sale, as is volume III of Prophet of the Jubilee. Besides these two periodicals the following forty-nine titles, listed in Daniels’s order but with Welsh Mormon Writings item numbers, are named: 65, 60, 70, 20, 75, 78, 79, 84, 90, 87, 83, 85, 76, 77, 80, 91, 82, 81, 89, 88, 95, 93, 94, 98, 34, 69, 68, 37, 55, 53, 62, 41, 26, 39, 32, 71, 31, 42, 38, 36, 99, 100–107.

Listed in the final paragraph on page 2 is a variety of Church periodicals and publications in Welsh, English, German, French, Danish, Italian, and Hawaiian.

In the English translation of Books for sale, I have corrected three errors: “Lectures on faith” (for “Lectures on baptism”), “J. Davis” (for “J. Davies”), and “Millennial Star” (for “Millennial Star”).



And by Distributors of the Saints throughout Wales, and also by the Saints in general.


The Book of Mormon, bound 4s 6c.

Doctrine and Covenants, bound 3s 6c.

Book of Hymns, finest binding 2s 6c.

Ditto, the second best 2s, 3c.

Ditto, or strong calfskin 2s

Zion’s Trumpet, Vol. I—IV, bound 3s 6c each. Vol. V., unbound, 2s 2c.

Vol. VI., unb., 2s 3c. Vol. VII., unb., 3s 3c. Vol. VIII and IX, unb., 2s 2c each.

Vol. X., 1 ½ per number.

Prophet of the Jubilee, Vol. III., unbound 2s;

The Scriptural Treasury, bound, 3s 3c., Unbound, 2s 6c.

Pamphlets of D. Jones:—

Who is the God of the Saints? 2 ½ c.

The Old Religion Anew, 5c.

Proclamation to the Reverends, &c.

Refutations to the Spaulding Story about the Book of Mormon, 2c.

Unpopularity of Mormonism, 1c.

Guide to Zion, 1c.

What is Mormonism, halfpenny.

What is Saving Grace, halfpenny.

Debate on Mormonism, 2c.

Atheism of Sectarianism, 1c.

Defense against false accusations, 1c.

The Thief on the Cross, halfpenny.

Do not listen to them,” halfpenny.

Invitations, a farthing.

God sent Joseph Smith, 1c.

Assassination of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, 1c.

Origin of the Book of Mormon, 1c.

Parable of the Fruitful Tree, halfpenny.

Picture of the Religious World, halfpenny.

Works authored by D. Jones, bound, 6s.

Pamphlets, &c., J. Davis:—

Book of the Church, each 11s.

The Pearl of Great Price, 1s, 2c.

That Which is in Part, &c., 1c.

List of Books.

Preaching to the Spirits in Prison, and Baptism for the Dead, 1c.

Miracles, 1c.

Ditto, Review of the work of the Rev. J. Jones, Llangollen, six numbers, a penny each.

The Great First Cause, by Orson Pratt, 2c.

Review of the work of the Rev. W. Jones, Bethesda, 1 ½ c.

Lectures on Faith, by Joseph Smith, 3c.

Prove All Things, halfpenny.

Go and Teach, halfpenny.

First General Epistle, 1c.

The Compliment, Works Authored by J. Davis, bound, 2s 9c., 3s., 2s. 2c., 3s., according to their contents.

Also, the “Compilement” will contain the following works:—

Treatise on Baptism.

The Body or Church of Christ.

The Way of Eternal Life.

Sound Doctrine.

Works of Dewi Elfed Jones.

Marriage and Morals in Utah, by Parley P. Pratt, 1c.

Series of Treatises, by Orson Pratt, on the first principles of the Gospel, now being translated and published, 2c. per number.

The Saints publish the following Newspapers and Publications:—The “Deseret News” in Great Salt Lake, Utah Territory, U. S. A.—the “Western Standard” in Sacramento, California,—the “Mormon” in New York, USA,—The “Millennial Star” and the “Journal of Discourses” in Liverpool,—“Zion’s Trumpet” in Swansea,—Monthly publications in Germany, one in France, and one in Denmark, together with the Book of Mormon, and several other works in the aforementioned languages, and in Italian and Hawaiian, &c., &c. All the details can be obtained in the English pamphlets.