Books of the Latter-day Saints

Ronald D. Dennis, trans. and ed., Defending the Faith: Early Welsh Missionary Publications (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2003).

D19 [DAVIS, John.] Llyfrau Saint y Dyddiau Diweddaf, ar werth gan J. Davis, Argraffydd, Georgetown, Merthyr, a chan y Saint trwy Gymru. (Books of the Latter-day Saints, for sale by J. Davis, Printer, Georgetown, Merthyr, and by the Saints throughout Wales.) Merthyr Tydfil: Printed and for sale by J. Davis, Georgetown, 1851.

2 pp. 17 cm. Welsh Mormon Writings 58.

On one side of Books of the Latter-day Saints is a list of available Latter-day Saint publications; on the other is a prospectus for the Book of Mormon in Welsh.

Contained in this book list are thirty-one titles available for pur­chase through John Davis and LDS book distributors throughout Wales. The date at the bottom is 26 July 1851.

The printed wrappers for Zion’s Trumpet during 1849 and 1850 regularly advertised Latter-day Saint publications for sale. With the cessation of these printed wrappers at the beginning of 1851, however, only a few titles were advertised on the last page of each issue. Books of the Latter-day Saints appears to be Davis’s effort to furnish the Saints with more complete information about the available items.

On the verso of the book list is a prospectus: “To be published without delay, in Welsh, in signatures priced at one-and-a-half pence each, The Book of Mormon: that is, an account written by the hand of Mormon, on pages which were taken from the plates of Nephi.”

The English edition used as the basis for the announced transla­tion was the second European edition of the Book of Mormon.

Davis estimated thirty signatures of sixteen pages each would be published. One or two signatures were to be sent out with each issue of Zion’s Trumpet every fortnight, the same procedure used in publishing and distributing Doctrine and Covenants. All the signatures were then to be bound for a complete Book of Mormon.

Davis makes an appeal to all the “Brethren” in Wales to publi­cize the Welsh translation of the Book of Mormon widely, even to the “world” (non-Mormons). If the number of subscribers reached two thousand, there would be a reduction of a halfpenny in the price of all signatures past number twenty.

Books of the Latter-day Saints, for sale by J. Davis, Printer, Georgetown, Merthyr, and by the saints throughout Wales.

The Scriptural Treasury. Prices bound, 3s 8c, 4s.

Prophet of the Jubilee. In 3 Volumes. Prices 7s 6c.

That Which is in Part, and that Which is Perfect. Price a Penny and a Halfpenny each. Newly published.

Baptism. Price a Penny.

Collection of New Hymns. Price, in leather, 1s.

Lectures of Joseph Smith on Faith. Price Four Pence.

Prove All Things, containing “The Doctrine of Baptisms,” “Reasons why I stand for the Saints,” and “The Lame Man at the Temple.” Price Halfpenny, or 3s. 6c. per hundred.

The Reverend and the Boy. Price Halfpenny.

Song of the Preacher. Price Halfpenny.

Review of the Lectures of the Rev. E. Roberts, Rhymni, Against Mormonism. Price 4c.

Review of the Second. Price a Penny and a Halfpenny.

The Scales, in which are seen David weighing Williams, and Williams weighing David; or David Williams, from Abercanaid, contradicting himself. 2c.

The Body of Christ, or the Church; treatise. Price a Penny.

The Way of Eternal Life; treatise. Price a Penny.

Preaching to the Spirits in Prison, and Baptism for the Dead; Treatise. Price a Penny.

The Spiritual Gifts in the Court of the Enemy. Price 2c.

Sound Doctrine. Price Halfpenny.

Conversations. Price Halfpenny.

Songs, Halfpenny each—Religion and Strength—Days of Noah—Testimony of the Saint—Father, Son, and Daughter—Great God of the Sectarians—Verses, “We’ll see Joseph,” &c.—Father, Son, and Daughter, by J. Taylor—Welcome Hymn.

Zion’s Trumpet for 1850, beautifully bound in calfskin, 4s.

The Great First Cause. Two and a Halfpenny.

Treatise on Miracles. A Penny.

Book of Doctrine and Covenants, biweekly Signatures, a penny and a half­penny each. Signature 16 ready.

Zion’s Trumpet, biweekly, 16 pages. Price a Penny.

Book Prices for the Branches.

That Which is in Part, 11s. per hundred; Baptism, 7s. 6c.; Prove all things, 3s. 6c.; Sound Doctrine, 3s 6c.; Spiritual Gifts, 15s.; Hymns, bound, 11c. each; ditto, sewn, 51/2c.; Preaching to the Spirits in Prison, &c., 6s. 6c. per hundred; Way of Eternal Life, 7s. 6c.; Go, and Teach, 2s.; Religion and Strength, &c. (verses), 2s.; Body of Christ, or the Church, 7s. 6c.; Conversations, 3s. 6c.; Days of Noah, (Song), 3s 6c.; Testimony of the Saint, (Song), 2s., per hundred; &c.

Also the profit will be given to the general Distributor of each Conference, for his trouble and his responsibility; and he may sell to the Branches for the above prices, if their order is not fewer than twenty-five.

JULY 26, 1851.

To be published without delay, in Welsh, in Segments for the

price of a Penny and a half each,










Which were translated into Welsh, from the second European Printing,



I. IT is intended for this task to reach about 30 Signatures, 16 pages each.

II. A Signature or two will come out with the TRUMPET every Fortnight, if we are not met with insuperable obstacles.

III. The entire book will be printed with completely new type, and on good paper, and each Signature will contain more reading than the Signatures of the “DOCTRINES AND COVENANTS.”

IV. It is expected that all who receive the first Signature, will continue to receive them all, and pay for each signature upon receipt.

Let our dear Brothers everywhere strive to make this Book known as much as possible among the world, by showing it in every manner and means. There is no doubt but what several hundred from among the world can be signed as subscribers with a reasonable effort in every Branch and Conference. It is a book that should be in everyone’s possession. If we succeed in getting over two thousand subscribers, we promise a reduction of a Halfpenny per Signature from the 20th on, which will make the Book far cheaper than any of its kind.

N.B.–Information is requested here from all the Distributors, the number of subscribers obtained in each Branch and Conference. The normal profit will be given to the Distributors.



And by the Saints, throughout Wales.