Zion's Trumpet: 1855 Welsh Mormon Periodical

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In the first issue of Zion’s Trumpet in 1855, Dan Jones declares that he was beginning the year “with greater desire and confidence” than ever before. Despite expressions of frustration and disappointment throughout the 1855 volume there are many segments in which Dan Jones’s unflagging optimism still appears. Jones’s account of some memories have particular significance in providing a glimpse into a segment of his life not recorded elsewhere, including the prophesy by the Prophet Joseph Smith in Carthage – that Jones would survive the events of the next few days and return to Wales to fulfill his mission.

As with the preceding volumes of Zion’s Trumpet, this 1855 volume is published in a “facsimile translation” format to provide the reader with something of the appearance and flavor of the original Welsh publication.

ISBN 978-0-8425-2971-6

Published in 2016