Voices in the Book of Mormon

Discovering Distinctive Witnesses of Jesus Christ

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  • Part 1: Unique Voices
  • Part 2: Voices in Harmony

About the Book

Hidden from the world for centuries, the words of ancient Book of Mormon prophets whisper from the dust their witness of Jesus Christ. These prophets were individuals with distinctive speaking patterns that are unique in vocabulary, style, and thematic emphasis.

The fruit of more than a decade of research, this book compares the linguistic fingerprints of many major speakers in the Book of Mormon, from Nephi and Mormon to Jacob and Jesus Christ. It also shows voices speaking in harmony as later prophets use powerful phrases from their predecessors. Each chapter ends with thoughtful discussion of how identifying a speaker’s distinctive voice can spark greater understanding and application of his message.

These voices highlight the textual richness and complexity of the Book of Mormon, providing meaningful evidence that Joseph Smith did not write it. More importantly, they shed new light on Book of Mormon prophets’ distinctive testimonies of Jesus Christ.

ISBN 978-1-9503-0449-3

Published in 2024