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History and Teachings of the New Testament

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  • Part 1: Background
  • Part 2: The Gospel Accounts
  • Part 3: Acts to Revelation
  • Appendix

About the Book

This volume of collected essays is intended to assist disciples of Jesus Christ in coming to a deeper understanding of the Savior and his ministry through their personal study of the New Testament. Because the period and culture of the New Testament can be daunting to modern readers, the editors gathered the work of Latter-day Saint scholars who have devoted time and research to gaining a greater understanding of the New Testament. The editors included essays written from a variety of perspectives to highlight the different lenses that can productively be brought to bear on the New Testament. Some of these essays are overtly devotional, while others are more explicitly academic, but all are written with the intent to help each of us accomplish one goal: to learn of him.

ISBN 978-1-9503-0433-2

Published in 2022