Faith and Great Anxiety

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Jacob, the Book of Mormon prophet, is often overshadowed by his brother Nephi and his father, Lehi. But upon further examination, we discover a prophet with an exceptional story and an intriguing contribution. Jacob was among the first in his family to be born outside of Jerusalem, allowing him to bring unique doctrinal questions and perspectives to light. We find a leader who was extremely worried about the welfare and harmony of his people, perhaps because of the continuous conflict he experienced within his own family. We find a man who was open about experiencing “great anxiety,” making him a scriptural figure that many of us can relate to.

A closer look at the writings of Jacob shows that while his story seems short, his doctrinal contribution to the Book of Mormon and to Latter-day Saint understanding is significant. This volume from BYU’s Book of Mormon Academy explores Jacob’s life, teachings, and importance. Twelve Book of Mormon scholars analyze his writings and his life, revealing connections between Jacob and Old Testament prophets, the doctrinal implications of Jacob’s teachings throughout the Book of Mormon, and some of the lessons we can take from Jacob’s life.

This volume provides an in-depth look at this great prophet, giving us a greater appreciation for this man who worked throughout his life “with faith and great anxiety” to bring others to Christ.

ISBN 978-1-9503-0450-9

Published in 2024